Are you making the most of your brand outdoors this Summer?

This time of year is a popular season for outdoor events in particular and now is a great moment to make sure you’ve got all the marketing materials you need to effectively market your business outdoors and at events.

It’s an excellent opportunity to audit your marketing materials and make sure your graphics and print materials are all up to scratch.

Do they look professional, accurately reflect your brand and communicate your key messages to your current and prospective customers?

If the answer is no, then it’s time to act.

Our experienced team of designers can help you with this from start to finish, from initial planning and consultancy through to the design, print and installation of branded marketing materials.

To get the ball rolling here’s a useful list of items to consider for visual impact outdoors and at events to help ensure you’re making the most of your brand.


Whether it’s a permanent sign at your business premises or temporary signage for a special event, signage is crucial for any business. Size matters so it’s important to ensure the design and production has been fully thought through to make sure each sign is visible and legible to passing footfall and traffic and creates an immediate and lasting impact.

PVC banners

Also known as vinyl banners, PVC banners are cheap, weather-proof options that work well for outside locations and are ideal for advertising events, special offers and promotions.

Pop up display stands

Pop up display stands look highly professional and have become the industry standard for exhibition stand displays. Available in curved and straight designs and easily transportable in the back of a car, these large format display stands are excellent long-term options for exhibitions and other events.

A boards and pavement signs

How many people walk or drive past your premises each day? For businesses reliant on high levels of footfall well-designed A boards and pavement signs can be particularly effective for grabbing the attention of people passing your business and getting them through the door.


Flags are a less common option and offer something a little bit different for brands. And with the Rio 2016 Olympics just around the corner maybe it’s an opportunity to either show your support for team GB with a union jack, or back the Welsh athletes with a Welsh flag flying at your premises or event?

Quirky promotional items

Finally, don’t forget about other seasonal branded promotional items you can offer your customers this summer. It’s been pretty hot lately so what about producing branded hand held mini fans for customers? Or how about branded sun glasses or cool summer hats?

Get your thinking cap on now and call us on 01792 825624 to discuss how we can help you squeeze the most out of your brand this summer.

Thomas Design, a digital and print design agency based in Swansea, is celebrating the recognition of one of its own at this year’s prestigious Red Ribbon Awards at Wembley Stadium.

Josh Thomas, son of managing director Damian Thomas, has been presented with Highly Commended for Excellence in the One to Watch category.

Josh was shortlisted as a regional finalist earlier this year, representing Wales and his family’s company.

The awards took place on 15 July, and saw family business leaders from across the UK congregate to celebrate the achievements of their nominees.

Currently in its seventh consecutive year, the Red Ribbon Awards has become one of the most sought after accolades for family businesses across the country. The awards aim to recognise the contribution of enterprising families and entrepreneurs. Previous winners include: Michael Roux Junior, Pimlico Plumbers and East End Foods.

Josh said that he was thrilled about the news, commenting:

“I’m so surprised. It was a shock to be placed in the final, but to come highly commended is a huge honour and I’m so proud of the business that we have built as a family. It just goes to show how much you can achieve.”

Damian Thomas, Josh’s father, said:

“I’m ecstatic for Josh, it’s a huge testament to his hard work, and I know he’s going to do great things for our business. I’m incredibly proud of him.”

Over the last 12 months, Thomas Design has doubled its turnover and has grown its customer base by approximately 35 percent. It provides a full digital offering to its clients, including web design, graphic and print design, and online marketing.


So you’ve started spreading the word about your business, and everything is ticking over. The phones are ringing, you’ve always got mail, and you’ve started to get a quality social media following. You might be considering an event as a way to promote your business in a place with high footfall and plenty of opportunities, and you might be wondering how to enhance to experience.

You’ll know by now that you’ll need banners and stands to adorn your setting at an event, and you’ll have started thinking about this. While you’re thinking about your printed materials, why not invest in some personal touches for your customer?

Everyone knows that events are all about self promotion, but there’s a difference between doing it right and doing it for the sake of it. Events are a great way of getting face to face with your customer, and if you’re based primarily online, provides you with that unique opportunity to forge real, physical connections. Although online presence and marketing is dominating the way people run their businesses, nothing can replicate a genuine smile, or a strong handshake.

This is your chance to get your first impression done, in exactly the way you want it. This lets people get to know you, and to meet the face behind the name.

However, you don’t need to feel awkward handing out flyers at an event, and it doesn’t need to feel stiff or stale.

There are plenty of ways to inject a healthy bit of fun into your presence at an event. Whether this is with a competition, a photobooth or a great swag bag, you can give your customers something to talk about. Let’s be honest, everybody likes a business that gives something away. Why? Because it’s putting the person ahead of the buck, it’s thinking about what people want, and equally, what they need.

Printed promotional materials are memorable, tangible evidence of your presence at an event, and it’s worth investing in for the extra brand recognition. Everybody remembers goodie bags and free pens, and it helps cultivate that ever important brand awareness.

Whether you’re attending a business show, large scale networking event, or Freshers’ Fayre, your brand needs its own materials to promote its message, and improve its presence locally.

Here are some ideas:

For more advice on ways you can promote your business with print promotion, get in touch with us at Thomas Design on 01792 825624


When you’re just starting out, it can be easy to cut corners. Every decision maker finds themselves with their hands full at some point, and some things get put on the back burner, especially when deciding what needs to be outsourced.

If you still need convincing in outsourcing the design of your brand, e-commerce site or print materials, it all boils down to one thing – image.

Your reputation is the one reason you need to invest in a professional designer for your website, branding and promotional materials. Human beings are visual, and image means everything when it comes to a customer’s first impression.

We’ve said it before, but your website is your shop window, and how you build, design and maintain it matters. Additionally, a professional branding job will ensure that your business looks and feels credible, an essential component of building trust with your customers.

If you’re only going to have one thing, it needs to be a designer. It’s a universal truth that most people like an easy option, and a bit of DIY branding and printing might seem like the most cost friendly option.

However, in the long term, we all know the impression left by a couple of rushed DIY jobs. Nobody wants to do a bad job, but without the knowledge and equipment of a designer, there’s little direction and it can be tough to replicate the quality of a professional job.

These are the top reasons to hire a designer for your web, branding, and print needs.

1. Time effective

Nobody has a lot of time on their hands these days, especially business owners. With meeting the demands of staff, customers and family, it can be tough to juggle it all, without carving out the time to complete a comprehensive branding mission.

Everybody has their own expertise and know-how, and the same applies to designers. A designer can sit down and discuss all the options, and has the capacity to turn work around quickly and effectively. Long story short, a designer can turn all of your ideas into reality, giving you more time to focus on the nitty gritty details of running a business.

2. Cost effective

In the long term, a designer is the most effective way to create your web and branding materials. A designer already has the software and materials needed in order to create exactly what you need, sparing you the cost. Although it might seem cheaper to create your own materials and print at home, you may find you’ll outgrow these tools pretty quickly.

3. Branding

A designer can keep your branding in check. It seems obvious that all branding materials need to be consistent, but many people can easily be swept away with ideas that could be kept for one off marketing campaigns.

Every business wants to capture the attention of its audience, without begging for it. A designer can advise you on the best way to develop your brand, and create a unique visual representation of your company ethos and services, without you having to worry about longevity or quality.

4. Visualising your business

You might find that you have lots of ideas swirling around, and can verbalise what you want without being able to visualise it. A designer is well prepped to convey your message, and a strong brand can help you achieve the results you want, both online and offline.

5. Expertise

If you’re trying to design everything by yourself, it can be easy to get stressed or start doubting your vision or skills. A designer will put you at ease, and that trusting relationship will mean that you can leave your needs in the hands of someone who has experience in delivering high quality results, time after time.

For more information on branding, web or graphic design, get in touch with us at Thomas Design on 01792 825624.

Once you have your website in place and your social media rolling, you might hit a bit of a stagnant phase. What do you do next? How can you encourage regular visitors to keep coming back? Even with content marketing and news, it can be easy to find yourself bored with your company website.

While freshening up your online space is a good thing, you can revitalise your website without the cost and hassle of a redesign (especially if your website is relatively new). A temporary landing page might be exactly what you need to switch things up, while promoting a specific service or product. If you’re in the middle of developing a new marketing campaign, you’re likely thinking about this already.

A promotional landing page is an ideal tool for pointing both new and regular visitors in a new direction, by showcasing latest offers or services. As with any promotion, you need to identify something in your offering that is relevant to the customers’ current needs.

As well as putting the customer first, you need to appear to be credible, authentic and useful. This means that your new landing page needs to be as well designed as the rest of your website. This will be the first thing your visitors see, and you want them to like it.

If you need inspiration, take a look at other companies both in and out of your industry, as this will encourage your creativity and kick start your visual concept of a landing page, here’s a great example of a landing page – Become a Driver

How to get the best out of your landing page

Are you looking for a way to improve your website? Get in touch with us at Thomas Design to see how we can help.