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Discover the benefits of securing your website with an SSL

Discover the benefits of securing your website with an SSL

Date: 24th January 2019 | By: admin

Do you know how many customers and visitors you can lose if your website isn’t secure? One poll revealed that eighty percent of users will abandon your site if data isn’t being sent over a secure connection.

You might wonder how a customer would even know this. Well, Google Chrome, one of the most popular search engines today, warns users with a little red symbol and a ;not secure label; in the search bar. This could send your bounce rate through the roof and that’s why you need to upgrade to SSL.

If you have an SSL your site will be running on HTTPS rather than HTTP. This means that any information sent between a web browser and a web server will be encrypted. That’s important as it protects anyone using your site from ‘man-in-the-middle-’ attacks. These are used to steal personal info with everything from credit card info to logins being targeted.

Originally, security like this was only recommended for those sending sensitive information. Now, an SSL is advised for every site with a form that requests any type of user information. With an SSL certificate a set of files will be added to your site to encrypt information sent and you’ll get a green padlock marking it as a secure in the search bar. Here are some of the biggest benefits you’ll get from this move.

Boost Your Ranking

According to research about 40% of sites on page one of Google are HTTPS secured with SSL certificates and Google have stated that SSL security is now a ranking signal, when combined with an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign, a secure website can yield better ranking results in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). .

You’re A Target

40% of small businesses are now being targeted by cyber attacks and this type of issue occurs every 39 seconds. With an SSL you can protect users and indeed the reputation of your business, preventing a successful attack on your company.

Earn Trust

Even without the warning from Google, users are becoming more wary about the type of sites that they visit online. Ultimately, they want to make sure that they are visiting businesses that they can trust. Running an SSL on your site shows that you can be trusted by them and this could even lead to higher conversion rates. Surveys already show a difference between conversion rates for sites that have an SSL certificate and those that don’t.

The red labels in the search bar will make a user think twice about committing to a purchase. They could leave your site within minutes once again leading to a high bounce rate which will impact your search ranking.

It is not expensive

Finally, it’s important to be aware that adding an SSL certificate to your website isn’t going to break the bank balance and it doesn’t take too much time to upgrade. Once completed having a secure website will immediately help to boost security levels for your users.

We hope this helps you understand why an SSL is important and the benefits it can provide.