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How do I get my business listed on page 1 of Google?

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How do I get my business listed on page 1 of Google?

Ranking on the first page of Google has never been as vital as it is today. Of one trillion searches that happen every month, 75% of browsers never look past the first page. That leaves one-quarter of traffic to slice up between the rest of your buddies that are dwindling on the second, third and fourth ranking pages.

If the numbers don’t make for pleasant reading, there is no reason to worry yet. Startups and SMEs can transform their fortunes by following a few basic rules. Check them out underneath.

Dominate Long-Tail Words And Phrases

You may think the heading above is a little wordy, but you’d be wrong. Long-tail keywords and phrases are becoming the belle of the ball for SEO companies as they result in Winner-Takes-All (WTA) searches. Compared to Level Playing-Field ones (LPF), they are 50% more effective. For one thing, WTA terms are similar to how people type when they use search engines. Nobody inputs a single word and expects tailor-made results. Also, there is less competition for long-tail keywords. Instead of competing against the big boys such as Moz and Kissmetrics, you can bypass their authority with detailed expressions.

Pay For Adwords

They may not be organic, yet it doesn’t matter as long as they look the part. One of the problems of PPC is the fact that the top results market their services. What users generally search for are comparisons, not a ready-made product. They want to see what is popping right now and why so that they can make a decision. By understanding this, you can game the system. All you need to do is to make your paid search appear as if it’s organic by lining up the content with the intent of the user. That means you can pole vault over the SERPs while mixing it with big businesses.

Write More

Content marketing is crucial as it costs 62% less than other marketing strategies yet boosts lead by three times as much. The problem is that your competition will write as much as possible too, so it’s essential to keep your nose in front. Hiring content writers is an option if you feel as if you can’t keep up with your rivals. But, don’t forget about investing in the correct mediums. The written word is effective, but videos are now the kings. Using vids allows you to entertain and engage your audience for longer, which should encourage Google to rank it highly. Plus, it dovetails with YouTube and billions of monthly views.

Ghost Blog

Featuring on other peoples’ blogs and websites will seem like a waste of time if you’re not getting paid. But, it has two effects. The first is that it helps you build a following. The second is that it piggybacks off their success. Because you’re featured on their site and their link is on the first page of Google, your click-through-rate will skyrocket.

Remember that if you rank at number one for a term related to your keywords that are searched for 1000 times, you can expect around 300 clicks to your site.

Date: 07.01.19

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