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Why a website isn’t just a website

Why a website isn’t just a website

Date: 20th December 2018 | By: admin

Too many business owners today are of the impression that a website is just a website. This is not the case, and your website is vital for your business.

The way your website is presented is one of the first things that a potential customers will see, and you need to make a good impression or else they will find another company.

First Impressions Count

The first impression that people have of your business if they have found you online is going to be your website. If you have made your site by using a template or an online ‘DIY’ website builder, your potential customer is going to realise this. You are going to be driving people away before they have even reached the products or services section of your website. If you hire a professional website designer for your business, your design is going to be unique and your customers are going to be captivated by this. Mobile design is particularly important here. Mobile is quickly overtaking desktop as the most common way people view your site and over 60% of users claim they won’t recommend a business with a poor mobile site design.

Build Trust

Is your website looking a little outdated and worse for wear? You might be surprised to discover this impacts the trust people have in your business. One report revealed that over 12% of customers will stop trusting your site if it has a degraded design. Get a pro design and you will be a trusted resource for more clients and customers.

More Business Coming Your Way

75% of people judge your credibility based on your web design, and if this has been done poorly, web users are going to be having negative prejudices about your business. If you hire a professional web designer, you are not going to have to worry about this, and you will find that the conversions from potential customer to actual customer will begin to climb. Reports also reveal that 40% of users will stop engaging if you have terrible content or a poor web layout. An experienced web designer can help ensure you avoid this issue.

Hopefully, you see now why a website is not just a website, and why you should invest in the services of a professional web design company in South Wales to maximise your potential online.