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The 3 simple reasons your business needs SEO

The 3 simple reasons your business needs SEO

Date: 3rd December 2018 | By: admin

As more and more businesses expand into the online world, other companies will look into gaining advantages over their competition any way possible.

When it comes to getting your business noticed online, there is no better way than a well organised marketing campaign.

SEO when executed correctly, can be at the heart of it all. SEO is the practice of making sure your website rank as high as possible in search engines like Google. Allow us at Thomas Design to give you the 3 simple reasons why your business needs SEO.

1. Increased visibility

According to SMA Marketing, 75% of search engine users will stop searching for what they want to find on page 1 of Google. If your website isn’t currently on the first page of Google, then the chances are you’re missing out on an awful lot of exposure. Thomas Design has a long history of SEO success and will use every ounce of knowledge at our disposal to get you on that first page.

2. More leads

With all that extra visibility you’re getting, it’s easy to see why this would generate more leads for you. Nobody says no to extra leads! But the bonus part of this is that leads that are generated through SEO have a much higher conversion rate compared to the more traditional methods such as direct mail. How much higher you ask? Leads from direct mail have around a 1.7% close rate. Leads generated from SEO however, have a 14.6% close rate. That’s a staggering difference!

3. Cost effective

If you’re using more traditional marketing methods such as direct mail or leaflets, chances are you’re paying way more for methods that are offering very little in terms of close rate on your leads. A well-executed SEO campaign has the potential to offer you more leads, at a reduced cost. A lead achieved through SEO can cost up to 16.1% less than more traditional marketing methods.

In summary, SEO when executed correctly is an incredibly powerful marketing tool that can help your business gain increased visibility, which can create more leads, all at a more cost-effective rate. Your business could potentially be generating more revenue while paying less than you may have done on older marketing methods. Sounds like a no brainer to us!

Thomas Design offers a competitive rate for its SEO services. This includes dedicated support and much more!