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Why is digital marketing so important to a business in 2019?

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Why is digital marketing so important to a business in 2019?

Digital marketing is a subject that many business owners know they need primarily because they have been told they need it.

While it’s all well and good to be informed that something is a good idea, there’s a big difference between a fact in and of itself, and the reasons that power that explanation. Without knowing the latter, a business owner can technically know that they need digital marketing, but they have little context that helps to explain why.

So, we thought we’d address the why in the post below, rather than adding to the plethora of voices that insist digital marketing is essential without providing the actual reasons for such a statement.

Digital marketing adapts to customer preferences

The way that consumers buy products and services has undergone an incredible transformation over the past ten years. Where once people would buy an item on impulse or browse a store until they saw something they liked, pre-planning via online research is now the norm. This is a fact that is backed up by statistics; for example, 81% of consumers will research a purchase online before making the final decision to buy.

Essentially, there is one simple conclusion: customers rely on the digital world to guide their purchases. Therefore, your business has to have a robust digital marketing presence to access those customers.

Digital marketing applies to all business types

As digital marketing takes place online, some people assume it only works for businesses that are based entirely online. However, all types of businesses in Cardiff and Swansea stand to benefit from digital marketing, including brick-and-mortar stores who only sell offline: for example, 72% of consumers who perform a local search visit a store within five miles of their location. It’s a similar story for service businesses, too; 23% of offline conversions involve someone referring to something they first found online.

Digital marketing allows for effective targeting

For decades, marketing was largely untargeted. If a business ran an advert in a magazine, the best they could hope for was a generalised demographic; for example, women under the age of 30. Marketing had to cast a very wide net in order to achieve results, which meant that money was spent on adverts that were ignored by the vast majority of people who saw them - not because the advert was bad, but because it just wasn’t applicable to them.

However, the advent of digital marketing has meant that the “wide net” approach is a thing of the past. Now, marketing can be extremely targeted; you could, for example, target women under the age of 30 with a higher-than-normal disposable income and a preference for Instagram over Twitter. This helps to secure a far higher ROI, as your marketing materials are only shown to select groups for whom the content is truly relevant - essentially giving you more bang for your buck.

Digital marketing allows for responsive, trackable campaigns

Any good marketing strategy is responsive, analysing the response to each campaign and making adjustments to maximise returns. However, conventional marketing analysis was interminably slow. Returning to the example above, if a business ran an advert in a magazine, it could be weeks before they could even begin to build a picture of how successful the campaign would be.

Digital marketing, however, takes all of the guesswork out of marketing campaigns. Information regarding the success of a campaign can be gleaned, often in real time, and analysed in the moment. If changes need to be made, they can be made; if something is going well, you can double down and do more of it - and all of this can happen near-enough instantly. Furthermore, definitive links between marketing and higher sales can be tracked, demonstrating an immediate ROI.

In conclusion

Digital marketing allows business owners to formulate a marketing strategy that is dynamic, easily analysed, and - most importantly of all - highly visible to the right customers. Need help with your digital marketing then give us a call today on Swansea 01792 825624 or Cardiff 02920 099520.

Date: 27.11.18

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