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The 4 simple ways your online business can thrive

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The 4 simple ways your online business can thrive

It’s almost certain that at some point of running a business, a thought will enter your mind.  A thought that maybe lingers and really makes you start to wonder. That thought is “Can I be doing more online to help my business?”

The answer is always yes.

If you have an online presence, but aren’t really sure where to move forward, consider some of these simple, but effective starting points. If you have a website, you’re probably going to want to check to make sure its design is helping you as much as possible.

SEO – Making sure Google knows what you’re all about.

We’re not going to delve too much into the massive topic of Search Engine Optimisation here as there are plenty of SEO companies in Wales to help with in-depth Internet marketing, but we’ll glance over a few areas that can really help you move up the rankings. Google has evolved massively over the past few years and is placing a gigantic emphasis on content. If your website is thin on the ground in terms of what your competitors are offering, chances are they’ll be beating you in the rankings. If you’re wondering how you can beef up the content, we’ll cover that more in the next point.

Before we move on, you’ll want to make sure that your site is designed in a way that google and other search engines can understand what the website actually is.  Some suggestions to this are:

  • Make every page on your site as unique as possible. You don’t want the majority of your content the same on every page.
  • Ensure that your site is designed optimally to work with search engines. This is more on the technical side of things.
  • Write and design your page that feels like an ideal landing spot for your customer base. Make them feel like they’ve found the perfect site for what they need!

If you’re interested in a comprehensive SEO strategy that’s tailored to you, we can help you move forward to meet your goals.

Blogging – Give your business a voice

As I mentioned above, the emphasis on quality content with Google has never been higher. Your on-site content, and the value that it offers to potential customers that are searching for keywords, and phrases related to your site is crucial in ensuring your website succeeds from an SEO perspective.

Starting an on-site blog will be the first step in ensuring you give your site the content that it really needs. When it comes to blogging for your site, you should be looking at experimenting as much as possible. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Analyse first – Try searching for words and phrases that you want to rank for and how your competitors match up. This is a great and easy way to find out what content is most effective.
  • Write varying content about several areas that your business covers. We’ll talk about how you can determine the best performing areas later!
  • Write blogs with titles and content that cover the phrases and content that people will search for. Think along the lines of ‘3 delicious places to eat in Swansea’ or ‘The 4 power drills that will increase your workload by 50%’ This tool from CoSchedule is fantastic for ranking the importance and emotion of your title.
  • Experiment! If your blog isn’t performing that well, change the title, modify the content, consider inserting helpful links. No blog post should ever be done and dusted. Always look to update it and keep it fresh.

Social Media – Making sure you’re where the attention is

The rise and rise of Social Media has been well documented over the years. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat have cultivated a gigantic audience over the last decade and some still continue to grow. We can honestly say that without a shadow of a doubt, you need to have a presence on some form of Social Media. Social media should never just be about looking to sell. Creating meaningful, engaging content mixed in with your product offerings can do your business wonders.

Making the first steps into Social Media may seem like a daunting process. Here are some of our top tips to help ease you in:

  • Every platform has a specific content type that works best. Facebook is now truly optimised for video As you’ll notice whenever you scroll through your own news feed, video content is the content that you’re likely to see the majority of. Paid ads on Facebook remain a severely underrated market.
  • Twitter is fantastic for engagement if the audience is there. Maybe you’ll want to consider polling your audience into finding out what their favourite product is? Maybe you’ll want to link to your blog and ask for feedback? Give it a try.
  • Instagram thrives on engaging visual content. Consider using it for shorter, snappier video content. You can decide how you want you brand to be portrayed. Do you want to be more on the instructional side of things? Or are you looking at making your products look as beautiful as possible? The choice is yours.

Analytics – Analyse, develop, adapt.

Analytics links to everything that we’ve mentioned in the best way possible. It gives you the power to fully understand how your business is performing and where you can improve. Having this kind of tool in your arsenal is truly invaluable in the online world.

Google Analytics is the flagship tool in helping your website flourish. It’s completely free and super easy to set up. Google’s guides on using Analytics are a tremendous resource to have. Google truly wants your business to succeed.

The major social networks will have their own analytics that’ll help you understand your performance and engagement too. Facebook Analytics is incredibly thorough and informative.

Here are some examples of how analytics can help improve everything we’ve touched upon:

  • Analytics thrives on testing. Experiment with your content as much as possible. A perfect example is changing a title of a blog to see if it performs better compared to the previous title.
  • Google analytics can help you see what pages your users are visiting, and how they’re behaving on them. This can help uncover potential website errors
  • Analytics can help you find out how your users found your site. Maybe a positive newspaper article is driving traffic your way? All this information can only be beneficial to your growth.

If you’re new to all of this and you’re looking to make your first steps in the online world, we’ll be happy to help guide you.

Date: 04.07.18

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