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Thomas’ Top 3 Tips for winning with Google.

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Thomas’ Top 3 Tips for winning with Google.

We often get asked the same question, time and time again. ‘How can I get my business to show up in Google? You know, near the top!’ And the answer we always give is ‘Well it depends on lots of things.’ – But that’s not always the answer you want to hear, so we’ve compiled our Thomas’ Top Tips, a collection of 3 of our best pieces of advice for everyone to improve their SEO the quickest and easiest way possible.

1. Skip the SEO and jump right into page 1 – Digital Marketing from £45p/m

Okay, it might not be an SEO strategy, but it works! Our ‘Done for You’ digital marketing service has gained some incredible momentum for businesses small and large. Pay for the privilege of getting your business name in the sponsored results listing in Google with our Adwords and Retargetting strategies. Want to find out more? Check out our ‘Done for You’ marketing package available here -

Our digital marketing package is also contract-free and fixed to £45p/m +vat. There’s also FREE set up and we send you weekly reports about the success of the campaign – What more could you ask for! Call us today on 01792 825624.

2. Stop selling and get social

Social Media without a doubt has transformed the way we live, work and socialise - not to mention how businesses interact with their customers. Having a strong social following online not only spreads brand-awareness for your business but allows the public to see what sort of business you are when you’re not selling. Having millions of organic followers (that you haven’t bought!) are definitely a plus in Google’s eyes. This means you could be seen as more relevant, and what Google’s users want to see in the search results = Better SEO for you!

Does social media sound a bit too techy for you? We offer social media management packages from just £99p/m +vat -

3. Content is King – Get relevant, get accurate.

Most people don’t realise that customers seeing your website, blog and social media feed are just like you looking through a newspaper or catalog - The best bits stand out. Usually the most visual elements stand out first such as product images or model photos, and then the headlines give the content context. Think carefully about your content, as you may read it word for word, but the likelihood is that your customers won’t bother. Get relevant content, get exciting, get visual and get it online! Google will notice you are keeping your website up to date with relevant content, and the more your customers visit, the more leads you can generate. Easy!

Is your website a little dated and irrelevant? We sell stunning business websites from £499+vat if you’re thinking of a total online refurb, but we also do blog content writing too to keep your customers up to date with news and events for you to share in email campaigns, blogs and more!

If you have any questions about your website, Google, digital marketing or just want to have a good chat about how we can help, feel free to contact Thomas Design today.

Date: 27.11.17

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