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Want to know a secret? – We’re now building mobile apps!

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Want to know a secret? – We’re now building mobile apps!

At Thomas Design we’ve been growing rapidly over the last few years. As most of you already know, we offer great value services including website design, branding, digital marketing and print services – But recently we’ve added a few new services to our business including social media management, and something that’s secretly been in development for the last few months… mobile apps!

How can a mobile app benefit my business?

A mobile app is a piece of software that is installed on each individual’s mobile device.  It’s essentially a platform that allows you to connect directly with your customers on a personal basis, unlike email for example where anyone can send and receive messages. As of March this year, there are 2.2 million apps on the Apple App Store, and a whopping 2.8 million on the Google Play Store* and businesses are starting to realise their popularity and effectiveness for marketing.

They’re not just for kids games or flirty dating - Mobile apps can offer far more functionality than just written words and images. You can utilise video and camera functionality, gyroscopes for 3D applications, the microphone for recording audio and more. All too often emails can get lost or are destined to end up in a spam folder, however, information sent through a mobile app tells your customers there’s news coming directly from one source – You. “Great! But how do I get the app onto their phone to begin with?” You might say. Installing apps is easy, and most mobile users frequently do this, so odds are your customers will simply search for the app name and visit the appropriate store and download it without any fuss. Simple!

Is an app just for customers, or can my staff use it too?

No, apps aren’t just for contacting customers. A lot of businesses utilise mobile apps internally to provide their staff with resources, tools and a means of communication when they’re out and about. Apps can he very handy for submitting timesheets electronically, accessing company literature on the go and showing customers your latest video product demos.

At Thomas Design, we’re in the final development stage of our very own mobile app which is scheduled to be launched before the end of 2017 or early in 2018, triggering the launch of our new app development service.

What does your customer want, and how can you make their experience better?

What separates you apart from your competitor? Excellent after-sales support and customer care makes all the difference in the eyes of the consumer, so if they can see you have a dedicated support channel via a free mobile app, they may well be so impressed they’ll become a loyal customer for years to come. Or perhaps your customer needs a way of browsing your products on the go – An e-catalog available within the app is just the ticket! Mobile apps have the potential to function in any number of creative ways, utilising all the features of a modern smart-phone, so what clever ideas for mobile apps do you think would benefit your business? Get in touch with Thomas Design today and we’ll talk through your business needs and how we can help.

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Date: 09.11.17

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