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How rebranding can make a difference to your company

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How rebranding can make a difference to your company

With numerous marketing outlets available today, rebranding does not just simply concern adjusting a logo. A new marketing strategy must consider numerous platforms and aspects – from website and social media through to business cards and signage - incorporating a variety of changed elements, possibly including a new name, or adjusted messages, symbols and designs.

As rebranding prompts a differentiated identity in the minds of customers, competitors and other stakeholders, the decision to undertake such change should not be taken lightly. It is essential consider the positive impacts rebranding can have, along with noting elements that should be highlighted in the strategy.

What is a brand?

The term ‘brand’ is more complex than just a logo or identity, although this is often the most prominent and recognisable element utilised to communicate with target audiences. The brand contacts current and potential customers through aspects such as the logo, website, branded business vehicles, promotional material and key messages. In short, the term ‘brand’ can include the company’s aesthetics, values, and core offerings.

Advantages of rebranding

Reflect values
Rebranding is particularly important if the business’ strategy or values have changed and developed since the company first launched. A brand audit is highly valuable, enabling a thorough understanding of the company’s positioning. Undertaking such an audit is essential, so that changes can be communicated with new and existing target audiences.

Attract new customers
Stagnation or outdated branding can be a key cause of deterring new customers from interacting with your business’ services or products. After being in the market for a while, branding can become irrelevant to your audience. By rebranding your image and personality, it is possible to attract new customers and rekindle an interest from your existing audience.
Ultimately, rebranding not only attracts new customers, but it can also have a positive impact on investor and shareholder opinions, whilst demonstrating to employees that the business is responsive to a changing market.

Increase engagement
A big change, such as a rebranding, can provide the perfect opportunity for marketing material. Be sure to shout about your rebranding in a positive light on all social media platforms, encouraging users to interact with the channels and the brand.

Differentiate the business from competitors
Rebranding can be the most effective way to differentiate your company’s approach and offerings from others. Ultimately, this will contribute to strengthening your company’s voice.

What to carefully consider

Information is key
Uncertainty and chaos can bring confusion and frustration. Throughout the rebranding process, and particularly in the launch phase, customers should be made aware of justifiable changes. Although rebranding can encourage new engagement, it is essential that existing audiences are not neglected. Rebranding does come with a risk of alienating previously loyal customers; it is therefore paramount to ensure continuous communication, providing thorough information.

Planning and budgeting
Prior to undertaking a rebrand, an in-depth strategic plan and budget should be outlined. Implementing a full rebrand can be very expensive, and everything from graphic design, to marketing and advertising campaigns to support the project, must be allocated resources. Similarly, a full rebrand can be very time-consuming, so allocating time for each element is crucial.

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