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Revamp your brand and boost your business’ awareness!

Revamp your brand and boost your business’ awareness!

Date: 19th September 2017 | By: admin

Does your business need a brand revamp? You may think your current branding is working well for your business, however, have you ever thought that it could be improved to allow you to reach certain business goals and increase your ROI? That’s exactly how we helped one of our clients, Colucci’s Kitchen.

Susanna from Colucci’s Kitchen recently contacted us to boost her business’ online presence by creating a new website. The purpose of this website is to help Susanna advertise and promote her products to her online audience, as well as to be able to sell her homemade meals, chutneys and jams online.

In order to boost the business’ presence online, we needed to give it a fresh, new look. We took inspiration from the business’ existing brand and label designs, and developed a new website to help give the business’ brand more stability and direction.

Colucci’s Kitchen specialises in high-quality home-made meals, which can be delivered to your door for a wide range of occasions and events, including buffets, Sunday dinners, wedding cakes and more.

Check out how we helped Colucci’s Kitchen reinvent itself and establish an online presence with a sturdy and effective new brand:

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