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Mastering the art of content curation in five simple steps

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Mastering the art of content curation in five simple steps

Curation is not a new phenomenon.

It’s always been best practice for museums and art galleries to be discerning and selective about what is on display. To ensure they are worthwhile places to visit, curators scrupulously select pieces that best suit their audience, as a wildly disorganised gallery makes an unpleasant experience.

Translating this skill into the digital world is equally as important as, let’s face it, there’s a lot of information on the internet. To successfully curate content in a business setting, the old saying remains true: quality over quantity.

The skill lies in garnering content from high-quality relevant sources, delivering it in a systematic way. The aim is to provide your target audience with an excellent go-to resource, making your website a valuable destination for readers.

But the benefits are mutual – good content creation will help your organisation compete effectively and efficiently, work to improve SEO, build brand recognition, establish trust and, ultimately, lead to loyalty.

Here are some tips on how to improve your content curation:

1 - Quality is key
Quantity should never compromise quality. When curating content, the focus should remain on directing the reader’s attention to the most educational, helpful or informative content relative to the targeted community or subject matter. To maintain credibility, always ensure that sources are authoritative.

2 – Differ your sources
When content curation is mentioned, businesses often think solely of written content. But you can curate content from a vast variety of valuable digital sources, including videos and infographics. Adding such diversity makes your website interesting to your audience, especially as visuals are particularly powerful.

3 – Trigger Influencer relationships
A simple gesture such as following an influencer on social media and including some of their content in a credited curated post is the perfect way to spark engagement. It is also eases conversation in initial contact, providing a way of showing that you’re already promoting them. Gaining influencer’s endorsement is very beneficial, leading to reaching a wider audience, whilst simultaneously boosting credibility.

4 – Expand your audience
Content curation is not only targeted at your existing audience – it works to expand your audience further. Ensure to share curated posts on social media channels and tag your sources. They are likely to share the post with their followers, growing your audience. Curated content ultimately supplements your original content and social media schedule, whilst facilitating a two-way dialogue with prospects, customers and peers.

5 – Boost credibility
As expressed in original written content, your business will have a definite point of view – commenting on topical issues that impact your industry. But curating supporting content from other respected industry players is essential. Endeavour to showcase how others match your brand’s philosophy.

This is also key to content curation’s impact on SEO, as sites that externally link to updated and highly topical keyword-rich content will be rewarded by being indexed more frequently. And, in time, those key players may even return the favour!

Date: 10.08.17

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