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Is your business suffering because of your website?

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Is your business suffering because of your website?

Seems strange to think that your slightly outdated website could be the reason your business is suffering, doesn’t it? You may assume that as long as you’re providing the best service to your consumers as possible, that’s all that matters… but that’s not the case.

Your online presence is extremely important in this day and age to ensure you’re reaching the audience most relevant to your business. A heavy amount of potential clients or consumers are active online – searching for businesses just like yours to use – meaning competition is high.

One of our clients, I&G Engineering, came to us with a similar problem. Their original website hadn’t converted many visitors into customers over the past five years, and they wanted this to change.

We assessed the company’s aims and objectives and created a website design that would increase business conversions – and now, the company is getting regular new customers and projects. Goal achieved!

If you’re not sure how you can improve your business’ online presence, get in touch with one of the team today and we can talk you through different options that will work best for you, and increase your business leads!

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Date: 19.07.17

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