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Want to increase business leads like this client? Here’s how!

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Want to increase business leads like this client? Here’s how!

Do you think your business could do with a boost in leads? Our client, Pendragon Drafting, a law firm based in Wales, decided they wanted to reach out to a new audience, a potentially increase its leads as a result… and that’s what our ‘Done for You’ marketing package has done for them.

To advise Pendragon Drafting on the marketing service we offer which would be of most impact to them, we sat down with the team to obtain a clear understanding of what services they offer their clients, what their target market is, as well as delving into other important details that would give us a better understanding of how we can help and what options would be of most benefit to them.

Once we had established the main aims of this marketing plan, we created the campaign and optimised it over a period of weeks, for most impact.

We are ecstatic to share that David, the managing director, has seen a steady stream of enquiries come through since implementing our ‘Done for You’ marketing package.

I recently decided to give the services of Thomas Design a go to see if I could drive additional enquiries towards my practice. It was not a decision I took lightly because quite frankly, I simply did not understand Google adwords etc. To me it was a bit of a ‘Black art’. I was naturally sceptical, but as the contract offered to me by Thomas Design was for only a month at a time, I felt that I had nothing to lose, and if it didn’t work, I would not have invested much money at all.

To my surprise, after about 4 weeks the enquiries started to increase and this has led to an increase in business for my practice. We have had enquiries from all over the UK. There is no way that this would have happened had we not engaged the team at Thomas Design.

The services have now started to pay for themselves and I have no hesitation in recommending the services of this business if you are looking to increase enquiries towards your own business.

Are you looking to increase your business leads? If so, and you’re not sure exactly how to do it, get in touch with us and one of our team will be able to advise you on which steps you should take next to make this happen!

Telephone: 01792 825624

Date: 12.07.17

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