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Here’s how we help start-ups identify a successful marketing strategy

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Here’s how we help start-ups identify a successful marketing strategy

This week, we’re here to tell you all about Dekka Composites. Dekka contacted us some time ago for advice on how to market their new business.

Dekka specialises in composite outdoor decking, but aims to branch out into supplying additional items. For this reason, we suggested calling the business Dekka Composites, rather than Dekka Decking, as we felt this would encompass everything the business can offer when it does eventually branch out.

To ensure we were capturing the brand, tone and business ethos correctly, we discussed a variety of options and routes we could take for the company’s marketing strategy with Dekka’s founder.
It was important to Dekka that the brand produced an established look and feel, as well as allowing them room to grow in order to launch other composite products in the near future.

When working with a start-up, we often start with establishing its brand identity design, followed by website design. As the business grows, we look at various print design options to see if this is something we can implement into its marketing strategy. This is where we look at promotional and trade show items, such as banners and printed merchandise. We also look at how our digital marketing services could benefit the start-up by potentially generating leads.

Why not have a look at the portfolio of work we have provided Dekka? If you’re at a crossroads with where to take your start-up in terms of its marketing strategies, don’t hesitate to get in touch. One of the team here at Thomas Design are always on hand to help and advise!

Date: 06.07.17

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