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Rebranding your business and reap the rewards

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Rebranding your business and reap the rewards

Welcome back to another success story for one of our clients – Rhos Meadow; recently rebranded to Meadow Rentals and Meadow Garage.

Rhos Meadow has two branches to the business; car and van hire and vehicle MOT servicing. Recently, with changes the business is making, Rhos Meadow wanted a total rebrand to encapsulate this.

When Rhos Meadow got in touch with us a few weeks ago, we sat down with them to fully understand the company’s current positioning, goals and objectives, so we could go away and produce a plan we felt would help them achieve what they wanted to achieve.

We started by differentiating the two arms of the business by creating two separate logos; one for Meadow Rentals and one for Meadow Garage. The team wanted the logos to stand out in a way that would be instantly recognisable and distinguishable – and that’s what we did.

Check out the logos below!

Meadow Rentals & Meadow Garage Logos

We then began to work on the website (which is currently in its final stages). Again, we wanted to ensure the website clearly differentiates between the two arms of the business but its branding is still consistent – the layout, colour scheme, tone and all reflects the new and improved branding.

Here’s a comment from Rhos Meadow’s founder, Stephanie White:

Working with Thomas Design has been a straightforward, simple and quick process. We’ve met with various members of the team to work on our different marketing objectives; Damian (Thomas Design’s founder) at first, to discuss ideas; Gareth who designed our logos, and Josh who has designed and implemented our website.
As well as our logos and website, we are also looking to Thomas Design to provide us with new business cards and signage – we want to make sure we really hit the ground running with our rebrand and Thomas Design has played a huge part of that!

Date: 05.06.17

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