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Your marketing needs met…all under one roof!

Your marketing needs met…all under one roof!

Date: 17th May 2017 | By: admin

Welcome to this week’s blog! We’ve recently posted a couple of blogs that has focused on our Done for You marketing package, where we’ve shown you one of our specific marketing packages that is extremely popular among our customers.

These case study blogs have shown how one of our services, ‘Done for You’ has worked for two of our clients, and this week is no different; we’re introducing you to another client of ours, Tahiki Tan.

Tahiki Tan is a start-up and uses a broad range of our services, ranging from website design, logo and branding, print design (marketing materials such as brochures and loyalty cards), and branded work wear. Why not have a look at the work we’ve done for them on our Portfolio page?

We want to let you know that here at Thomas Design, we don’t just stop at website design; we pride ourselves on being able to provide all of your business’ promotional and marketing needs – all under one roof!

This factor alone, is one of our main USPs; clients find offloading the stress of their promotional and marketing needs on one agency more effective for them, than spreading it across multiple agencies. It’s all in one place is helps stress levels be maintained!

Another reason customers prefer this method of working is because this way, we are able to build up a strong relationship with our clients, really understanding and getting to grips with their business, how it performs and what their goals and objectives are. The more we are involved with our clients’ work, the more consistent their branding is, and as a result, the more effective their marketing activities are.

If you run a start-up and you’re at a crossroads as to where to even begin with your promotional and marketing strategies and needs, give us a call today and talk to one of our team. We’ll be able to give you expert advice on what your next step is, and how we can help you make the right decisions for your business.

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