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Client case study: MT Landscaping

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Client case study: MT Landscaping

Meet MT Landscaping, one of our fantastic clients

We’ve worked with MT Landscaping for some time now, and having recently designed their website, as well as introduce them to the world of digital marketing via our Done for You marketing package, we’ve got some pretty impressive results to share!

Since using our Done for You marketing package, MT Landscaping has generated an additional £3-5k per month (on average) – which totals a whopping £60,000 per year (approx.)!

Additionally, the new and improved website we have provided our client has seen them generate between one and five leads per day – definitely something to shout about!

Our Done for You marketing package:

At just £45 per month (no minimum contract), our Done for You marketing package will open the right doors for your business, getting you in front of your target audience.

How? We will sit down with you and find out everything about your business, how it runs, who your target audience is, your business goals and what your future plans are. We tailor each package specifically to each client, so you know the service you are getting will work for you.

With weekly reports, we will show you how your digital marketing plan is performing, if we need to tweak anything to improve it even further, as well as monitor the conversions you receive from it. It really couldn’t be more simple if we tried!

If you would like to talk through how we can help your business reach the next level and pull in impressive and tangible results, just like MT Landscaping, contact us today!

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Date: 04.05.17

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