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Increase your email subscribers organically by following these simple steps

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Increase your email subscribers organically by following these simple steps

How do we stand out from our online competitors? Well, there are various ways to achieve this – many of which we have discussed in previous blog posts – but how do we turn those achievements into conversions?

The conversions we’re talking about in this post? Email subscription conversions. Now while this may not seem like the type of conversions that will bring us immediate impact on our bottom line – they are nevertheless extremely important, and we’ll tell you why.

Your marketing strategy should mirror what works best for your business – each business and how it operates is different, and so your marketing strategies must reflect that. However, a heavy percentage of businesses now incorporate digital marketing, and we’re firm supporters of this.

As you may have guessed by the title, today we are focusing on email subscribers and how to increase them. While it is not directly increasing conversion in terms of money, it is increasing conversion in terms of customers; in effect, leading to an increase in monetary conversion (should the customer which to purchase your product or service).

Option 1: Social media

Social media, as we’re all aware, can be your best friend and enemy at the same time. But let’s look at its benefits for increasing your email subscriber list.

Install a ‘Call to Action’ button to your Facebook home page.
Simply click the “Create Call to Action” button on your business’ Facebook page, select “Sign Up” and input the link which takes them to your sign-up page.

For example, this could be a page on your website that simply states the benefits of signing up to your business’ email subscription lists. Maybe you send a weekly blog, like we do here at Thomas Design – this way, your email subscribers will automatically receive these whenever you send them.

Why not use your click-bait skills and pin the tweet (which includes the link email subscription link) to the top of your feed? This will always be the first tweet anyone sees when visiting your Twitter page, so make sure it’s effective and has the right impact!

Why not conduct some A/B testing to see how well the tweet performs? The simplest way to do this is to write a couple of different tweets (all with the same aim of click-through conversion), and monitor each tweet’s activity to see how well each performs?

Option 2: Email signature

If you’re already in contact with a customer, and want to entice them to subscribe to your mailing list, why not do it in a subtle way like adding your mailing list’s subscription link to your signature? This way, you won’t come across too sales-like, and you’re ultimately leaving the decision up to the customer (while still providing them with the link to sign up easily).

Make sure you add a catchy strapline like “Take your business from zero to hero by reading our free weekly blog – click here!”

Option 3: Buttons on your website

Wording is extremely important. Many will assume that as long as you have (in this case) a button displayed on your website, that’s enough. That’s where you’re wrong. Take a look at the below examples:

What sounds more convincing - a button that reads:

“Sign up to our blog” or “Send me top tips every week!”?

Or, if you don’t want to put a lot of text in the button, you could put text above the button in a strapline format, for example: “Get our top tips sent straight to your mailbox every week – no hassle”. In the button, you could put “Sign me up now!”

Make sure you’re coming across personable – that’s extremely important.

Don’t forget, the more personable you can come across (while still keeping the line of professionalism firmly in place), the more relatable you are to customers and potential customers – this can only be a good thing!

Option 4: Testimonials

If you have customer testimonials, it’s a crime not to share them with the world (as long as the customer is happy with you doing so – always check!).

Displaying customer testimonials proves your company is the real deal, and gives the potential customer reason to believe in the products or services your company provides.

Display your call to action button close to these testimonials, making sure the customer journey is natural and subtle – this will aid with tempting your website visitors to subscribe to your mailing list, without pressurising them to do so.

Date: 19.04.17

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