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5 signs your website needs attention

5 signs your website needs attention

Date: 12th April 2017 | By: admin

So, you have your business website set up, but how long has it been since it was designed? How do you know if and when your site is due for an upgrade? It’s crucial to be current and “on trend” when it comes to its design, but it is also equally important for its function to be top quality. With the ability to access the internet at any-time and any-place, your website is likely the first place potential clients will look first.

Here are 5 signs that your website needs some TLC:

It’s old

There is no expiry date on your current website design, so to speak, but you should be thinking about freshening it up after two to three years – maximum. Or if your business changes its positioning or service/product offerings, your website’s branding and design should reflect this. While two to three years may not seem very long, you can always lengthen the lifespan of your site by updating it with up-and-coming technology and trends. If you aren’t sure on what’s new, then check out our 2017 predictions for web design (

It’s slow

An obvious sign that your site is not up-to-date is if it has slow loading times. For a site that’s been left for more than three years, it’s likely it isn’t optimised for modern performance. Websites should follow the “Rule of 3” ( If your site takes longer than three seconds when loading, you’re likely to lose around 50% of visitors.

There’s no blog

You may not be convinced that a blog is an important part of a website, as it is still a relatively new addition. However, including a blog/news section on your website can improve search engine rankings, as it provides consistent and new content. Blogs also allow you to be able to converse with your customers, as well as the possibility of gaining new business.

It’s not responsive

As we discussed in a previous blog (, it’s vital that your site is responsive. You’ll need to redesign your site if it doesn’t perform well on other platforms. With more and more customers accessing websites from mobiles and tablets, ensuring your site is accessible will only increase business. And don’t forget, Google also punishes websites that aren’t responsive, sending them further down the SEO ranking.

Poor performance

If you haven’t already heard of Google Analytics, then just know that it’s a great way to keep track of how your website is performing – plus, it’s free. With information on audience demographics and site visits, it will allow you to see what works well on your website and what doesn’t – so when it comes to a website redesign, you know what needs the most attention!

Now that you’ve read this post, if you think your website deserves a bit of TLC, why not give us a call and we can help you assess what could be updated and improved?

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