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Infographics 101: Helping your business retain online visitors

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Infographics 101: Helping your business retain online visitors

The constant expansion of the online world and the ability to access an immense volume of information at our fingertips, means we can sometimes feel overwhelmed.

With increasingly busy lifestyles, few people are prepared to give up their limited time to read; resulting in an increase in infographics. Infographics are easier and quicker to read and digest.

What are infographics?

Simply put, infographics are a form of visual communication. An infographic can transform a confusing topic or piece of information, into a simple and visually pleasing graphic for visitors and readers. Infographics can be a great tool in digital marketing campaigns, and they are used by both large organisations and small businesses alike. Perhaps one of the most important things to remember when creating an infographic is making sure there’s an equal balance between information and design. One without the other, won’t work.

Too much information can scare readers away

In 2016, a study [] found that 59% of people share articles online without reading it fully. This could be for a variety of reasons; the reader quickly skim reads the initial part of the article to find the angle of the story, or maybe they even lose interest after finding out the main point of the story.

It’s vital we maintain the attention of online visitors for as long as possible, so embedding infographics into articles is a must for all businesses. It’s also a great option to display services you provide – whether that’s digitally (on your website and social media) or in print marketing materials.

So, what are a few key things to keep in mind when looking to design the perfect infographic?

  1. Know who you’re designing for

It’s essential that you always keep your audience in mind when creating infographics, as what is popular right now, isn’t always what’s best for your brand and business. Whilst you may be bang on trend, if it doesn’t relate to the information you’re presenting, then it won’t be successful.

Similarly, you may have seen an infographic you would like to replicate, but it needs to correspond with the data you are trying to convey. It may look appealing, but it may not actually convey your message in the best possible way, leading to efforts being wasted.

Ultimately, the goal is to make your infographic as audience specific and targeted as possible.

  1. Data matters

It’s always tempting to create infographics based solely from a design viewpoint, but it’s important to remember that the design part is just half of the infographic equation, with data being the foundation. It always helps to take time to look for ways to help your audience process facts and figures.

Make sure the statistics you use are true, and the sources you get them from are reliable. It may sound obvious, but it’s important that your data matches can be backed up. If your infographic is data heavy, then check…and double-check your numbers.

  1. Limit your typography

As with anything design related, typography can make or break your work. Typically, two fonts are all you need, one font for titles and sub-headings, and one typeface for smaller body text. When too many typefaces are used, audiences can become confused with the disruption of the graphic narrative.

Designers will often begin designing an infographic with a lot of enthusiasm, but sadly this can also mean they can also lose steam quickly, leading to poor design choices. It’s always better to find an interesting way to relay numerical information, as opposed to unneeded extra typography. Percentages for example, can be visualised via pie charts.

  1. White space is your friend

The idea of white space, whether it is in relation to website designs, or in this case, infographics, is something which is still trending (and is universally popular across various marketing promotional materials).

Including white space in an infographic can help provide a sense of balance. The open space between image and text allows audiences to take a break between one section, and another. White space creates clarity and simplicity, and from a design point of view, if you’re infographic is quite data heavy, there should always be some element of white space in your design.

So, if you read this post, and can’t wait to up your infographic game, come speak to one of our graphic designers today on 01792 825624.

If you think your marketing materials may benefit from an infographic, whether it’s displayed digitally or in print, talk to one of our team today. We’ll be able to take your data, and display it in a simplified, understandable format, while still ensuring brand consistency.

Date: 08.03.17

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