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Why your website redesign ideas won’t work

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Why your website redesign ideas won’t work

We all make mistakes sometimes, even professional website designers – no one is exempt from the rule! While you may have a great design idea, sometimes the execution just won’t work. We’ve definitely experienced this over the years.

So, to help you steer clear of designs that may initially seem like they would work but in reality, don’t - we’ve compiled a list of common design errors.

Complicating your font selection

Keeping your site consistent and clear is crucial for a good website design. With hundreds of font styles to choose from, it can be tough to limit yourself to just one, but too many fonts can cause a visitor to click off. Try to stick to two or three fonts, or even better, choose a font family to stick to. Just remember not to use fonts that are too small, or overly complicated and intricate – the user must be able to easily read the text. This seems obvious, but sometimes it’s tempting to choose a font which is “pretty” to stand out, but it will just stand out for the wrong reasons.

You overuse your keywords

We all know about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) enabling keywords to be picked up in searches, but it’s important to remember that keywords can be overused. Google can spot the purposely overuse of site keywords or ‘keyword stuffing’, and can lower your rank in search engine results. To use keywords to their full potential, include them naturally.

You have too many call to actions

All websites contain an aspect of call to action (CTA) that encourages visitors to react in a specific way. Your business’ CTA may be contacting your employees for more information, joining your mailing list, or even buying from your site – however, visitors can’t be expected to do them all. Ultimately, the more actions you make prominent on your website, the less action visitors will take. It’s vital that your site doesn’t come across too sales-like and pushy, otherwise, you will push visitors and potential customers away.

Windows, windows, windows.

New windows. It used to be a trend for multiple frames to pop up with content as users clicked through a site, but now many users find it annoying. Visitors become frustrated with the system, as it slows down computer response, and complicates the visitor’s experience.

Social media links

Nearly all businesses have Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages. However, some businesses will go to the extreme and utilise every social media platform because they think they should. However, this could be disastrous for your business’ reputation. Several social media platforms mean an increased amount of time you must dedicate to each platform, and an increased pressure to upload multiple times per week.

If you begin to slack on updating these platforms (due to there being too many to manage or not enough valid content to upload), this could make your business look unprofessional and could bring unnecessary concern to the minds of customers as they will wonder why you aren’t updating.

But there’s another important factor with social media usage and that’s ensuring it is visible on your website at all times. The amount of traffic and site visits your website gains, mean that amount of people are seeing your social media links – thus leading to a possible conversion. The same applies for your social media sites – ensure your website link is made clear on all platforms in order increase traffic flow to your website. Everything must flow and be consistent!

If this list looks familiar to you and the way your business’ online presence is currently performing, why not get in touch with one of the team here at Thomas Design? We’ll be able to help you look at what will work for your business and what won’t.

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Date: 03.03.17

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