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The power of retargeting

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The power of retargeting

The digital marketing landscape is renowned for leading marketers down a certain route and then make a 180˚ turn and begin a new path. The truth is, digital marketing is still a relatively new form of marketing, and with the introductions of new technologies, algorithms and online platforms, we must be ready to alter our current strategies and techniques to keep up.

Something the team at Thomas Design has found over the past year is that retargeting, a form of targeted online advertising, is proving extremely popular and beneficial to clients who use it – increasing ROI as a result.

To explain retargeting in a straightforward manner, we have provided a simple analogy as to how retargeting works:

Imagine working in a large building, with multiple departments and various sectors. You don’t know every single member of staff, but the more you pass them in the corridor, the more you are likely to recognise them and maybe even say hello.

The same goes for digital marketing’s form of online advertising, retargeting. The method of retargeting is a simple concept to get your head around, and is extremely effective – if you’re looking for a way to make your business and its offerings become familiar to a potential online customer.

In laymen’s terms, if a customer visits your website, and proceeds to bounce off it and onto another website, the abilities of retargeting will display your online adverts on websites your potential customer visits.

This frequent reminder of your business and service offerings will trigger the attention of the online visitor and will remain subconsciously in their memory. Hence, why we made the initial analogy of frequently passing a work colleague you don’t know, but ending up saying hello to after a period of time.

Retargeting uses a code in the form of JavaScript to track your audience’s activity all over the web. It is a cookie-based technology and is invisible to your website visitors. As soon as a visitor clicks on your website, the code implemented will leave a browser cookie. As mentioned earlier, when your visitor leaves your site and continues to browse other websites, the cookie will display your business’ online adverts, when and where relevant to the targeted audience.

The online resource website, Retargeter explains the ROI of retargeting and why marketers see this form of advertising more impactful and beneficial:

“Retargeting is so effective because it focuses your advertising spend on people who are already familiar with your brand and have recently demonstrated interest. That’s why most marketers who use it see a higher ROI than from most other digital channels.”

Have you ever considered the option of retargeting for your business’ digital marketing strategy? If you’d like more information on how it could work for you, one of our team would be happy to discuss options with you. Call us on 01792 825624.

Date: 23.02.17

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