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10 Digital marketing terms everyone needs to know

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10 Digital marketing terms everyone needs to know

In a world where communication is based heavily online and consumers are now leading increasingly fast-paced lives, the majority of content is now being accessed via mobile and tablet devices. This means it is vital for businesses to move away from the traditional, towards a more modern marketing approach.

In the case of digital marketing, there is some confusion amongst previous generations on new digital marketing terms. With that in mind, we’ve made note of the most common digital marketing terms that will help you understand what your business’ next steps are, when it comes to digital marketing and its online presence.

PPC – Pay per Click

This is perhaps one of the simplest to work out. PPC is a term which describes a method of internet marketing where advertisers pay a set amount every time the ad is clicked. PPC is known as a “bought visit”, as opposed to an “organic visit”. A PPC is where a customer enters a keyword into a search engine and each time someone clicks on your website or advert; a sum of money is paid.


AdWords is a specific service offered by Google and is a form of PPC (Pay per Click) advertising. AdWords mean your company can be seen by customers from the moment they search on Google for the services you offer. Plus, you only have to pay when someone clicks on the advert, leading them to visit your site.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

SEO allows for the development of organic search engine results and SEO companies in Swansea like ourselves can help improve search engine rankings, driving traffic and increasing awareness of your website across all search engines.

Having a sound SEO strategy means your business’ website will be able to achieve a higher ranking on search engine results pages in an organic way.

Responsive websites

Responsive website designs are designs that work well for your customers, whatever device they are using to view your website (e.g. mobile, laptop, tablet).

Ensuring your site is mobile friendly will increase your SEO ranking, as Google marks down those that aren’t.

It’s extremely important to ensure your website is mobile friendly for customer journey and navigation reasons also – not just for the SEO ranking. If a customer attempts to visit your website on their mobile or tablet, and the website page doesn’t fit to their device’s screen size, the visitor will soon leave due to the frustration of not being able to easily navigate around your site – thus resulting in a low standard of user experience.


All three of the above are advertising acronyms, used to describe the level of success in an ad campaign.

  • CTR, or ‘Click Through Rate’ is conveyed as a percentage. This percentage allows for an indication on the amount of visitors clicking on an advert, depending on how many times the advert was seen, and subsequently the amount of visitors the page received.
  • CPC means ‘Cost per Click’. This one is rather straight forward, as it is the cost per click on an advert for a certain keyword. Some keywords will cost more per click than others, as pricing is dependent on the popularity of the keyword.
  • CPA is the ‘Cost per Acquisition’, and should not be mistaken for ‘Cost per Conversion’. Cost per Conversion is the act of a purchase being made, or an interaction with a brand on social media. CPA is focused only on making someone a customer and is all about the revenue.

For example, Social Media Explorer [] explains the difference between both in a simple format:

“Cost per Conversion is great for answering the question, ‘What does it cost to get this newsletter subscription?’ But you also need to answer the question, ‘How many newsletter subscribers do I need, on average, to make a sale?’ This is Cost per Acquisition.”


Retargeting is growing in popularity at a rapid pace. To put it simply, retargeting is another form of online advertising, however it is one of the cleverest forms and is one which businesses are seeing a huge impact from.

Retargeting helps keep your brand in front of the user who has recently left your site, by displaying your online advert on future websites they are visiting.

According to ReTargeter: []

“For most websites, only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit. Retargeting is a tool designed to help companies reach the 98% of users who don’t convert right away.”


Younger generations have grown up with the rise of social media, and so the phrases that are used in this digital orientated world are not a challenge for them.

For those of us who are ever so slightly older, buzzwords like ‘hashtags’ are a foreign concept. With that being said, a hashtag is a word or phrase preceded with the # symbol. Whilst hashtags were originally used only on twitter to help people filter relevant content, they have been widely adopted on other social media websites, such as Instagram and Facebook.


If you are tweeting from your business account and you are trying to reach a certain audience, you would use a hashtag associated with that audience. For example, when we tweet using Thomas Design’s Twitter, we use hashtags relevant to the service we provide, so we are reaching out to those with a common interest.

Social media advertising

Like Google, social media platforms are also providing businesses with the chance to pay for advert space on their websites.

In a world where many are constantly signed into social media, it makes it easier for companies to target their demographic. After all, sites like Facebook already detail your date of birth, location, job etc. Therefore, when it comes to running your own social media advert, as long as you know your target audience, the social media platform takes care of the rest for you.

To sum up

Your business’ digital presence should always be active, helpful and resourceful, allowing you to convey your message in a fast and effective way. The terms we explained will help you navigate the constantly evolving digital world, and while it may seem impossible to keep up, it’s exciting to try.

There is always going to be a new keyword or phrase on the digital marketing scene which we must learn and adapt – so you’re not alone.

If you would like to discuss any of these digital marketing terms in more depth and see how they can work for you and your business, call us on 01792 825624 or email us: [email protected]

Date: 16.02.17

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