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What can we expect from print and graphic design in 2017?

What can we expect from print and graphic design in 2017?

Date: 18th January 2017 | By: admin

Last week we talked about some of our predictions for digital marketing in 2017, but what about the world of print and graphic design? As we’re now well into the New Year, we thought we’d take you through some routes graphic designers are sure to embrace in 2017.

Whilst many of 2016’s key design trends are set to continue on being as popular as ever, there are a few new styles making their way to the front of every designer’s mind.

Let’s take a quick look at some of these trends, otherwise 2018 will be here before we know it!


Designers have always looked to past decades for inspiration, but this year sees the focus on the era of the 80s. You can expect retro typefaces and colour pallets – all combined with a modern flare. Think Tron-friendly neon and darks, for a nostalgic feel that’s sure to grab your target consumer’s attention!


 Illustrated designs are the perfect way to introduce a human touch to your brand. This style of design is becoming increasingly popular as a means of transforming complex ideas into much simpler ones.

The sketching element is versatile, and also helps to insert a component of playfulness to the brand. Illustrations are great to help a brand create their own tailored and bespoke tone, a desirable trait in an increasingly crowded marketplace.


Sometimes simple really is best. Minimalistic designs are just as popular today as when they first took the design world by storm. For 2017, we’re foreseeing simple lines and bold colour patterns, creating clear interfaces.

We’ve already seen this trend begin to emerge, with the increase in vector-shaped logos amongst digital start-up companies, and traditional brands attempting to catch the eye of younger consumers. Ultra-minimal typography and layouts add a polished element, whilst still appearing to have that cutting-edge look.

Bold photography and sleek text

A huge trend in design this year is the combination of bold photography and sleek text. As it continues to gain momentum, this method of design is definitely a recipe for success. This trend is one that emanates class and excitement. With an average person’s attention span shortening as a result of our increasingly digital dependant lifestyle, design is constantly adapting to make information accessible as quickly as possible, making ‘bold and sleek’ the perfect route to take.

So there you have it, a few of the many print and graphic design trends which are expected to soar in 2017. Print and graphic design are promising to move towards an even fresher and bolder level, and we for one cannot wait. Let us know what predictions you’re making for 2017!