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What to expect from digital marketing in 2017

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What to expect from digital marketing in 2017

Last week, we kicked off the new year focusing on our 2017 predictions for the website design world. We looked at user experience and layouts, stock imagery and scalable vectors, to name a few, showing you what we expect to see more of in 2017.

What about the digital marketing world, though? As we all know, it’s changing and developing so regularly, how can we really keep up with what’s current or what’s trending?

Well, we’ve done a lot of the donkey work for you, and researched what was popular in 2016 and what is set to continue in popularity in 2017.

We’ll begin with what is apparent to be one of the most important trends becoming more and more crucial in order to set your business apart from others online, and that is content and its quality.

Gone are the days of just writing and publishing content on your website just for the sake of being active online to boost your SEO. Google is aware of this and is making sure your online presence doesn’t benefit from it as much as you would like it to. The best way to boost your SEO rankings and become more reputable to Google (and in result, more reputable to the general reader/customer), is to prioritise quality over quantity.

Content is king, and we’ve discussed this before, your website/blog will suffer if you are uploading content just for the sake of it. Readers will realise your posts aren’t helping them in the way they need, and as a result, they most likely won’t return.

DigitalMarketer blog recently discussed its thoughts on content; quality over quantity, stating that it reduced the number of posts on its blog from 1,189 in 2015, to 312 in 2016 because they were focused on uploading worthy posts.

Russ Henneberry, editorial director of DigitalMarketer blog explained that the team focused on identifying old, outdated and mediocre pieces and as a result, either amended and improved them, or deleted them completely.

Henneberry also stated that in the current and future state of content marketing, it’s effectiveness will be tied directly to the quality and maintenance of the content created and published.

Similar to last week’s blog on website design and development predictions in 2017, where we talked about embedding video content in a website’s design layout, the same applies for digital marketing.

Yes, as discussed, written content is king, but content in the form of video and imagery can be and is proving to be just as important.

It comes to a stage where people can only read so much, and want to be treated to an image or video that sums up what the written word is trying to get across. In the digital world we are living in, access to a recording device is readily available - all you need nowadays is a mobile phone.

Businesses are beginning to use this method of content creation to get its message across in a simple, quick and sharable format. The advantage of video content is that it is extremely sharable and people are eager to share valuable information/content with their friends and family.

Posting your video link to your social media platforms will not only increase traffic to your website, but will also encourage people to share your video, as sharing content on social media, especially videos and images, is becoming more and more popular every day.

Facebook Live videos

2015 saw the launch of Facebook Live videos, but it was in 2016 we saw it really take off. What’s great about Facebook Live? It’s real. It’s not edited and it’s not taken hours and hours to produce. It’s quick and to the point.

Statistics from the Facebook Newsroom show that people are spending more than 3x more time watching a Facebook Live video, compared to a video which is no longer live.

What predictions are you making for the world of digital marketing in 2017?

Date: 11.01.17

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