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5 things your website is missing

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5 things your website is missing

With more and more websites in competition, driving up traffic and increasing return visits are key to making your website stand out. We’ve listed 5 simple ways to improve your website’s interaction.


The headline of the article is obviously what the reader sees first, and so it’s not news to you that it should be eye catching in order to tempt the reader to click. A good eye-catching headline, or ‘clickbait’ description, is the perfect way to get people to visit your site, in turn driving up traffic and pushing your website up the rankings if used skilfully in conjunction with SEO (search engine optimisation).

Who can fully resist a tempting title one click away? Blogs and news websites such as Huffington Post use clickbait with great effect to capture the reader’s attention. Although, be careful when doing this - if your article doesn’t live up to the title’s description, the reader may view your site as untrustworthy and remember not to click on any future articles you post.


Like clickbait, video is a great way of drawing in attention and visitors. Videos can be short clips promoting your firm, or they can be longer pieces, like vlogs (video blogs) where a contributor can talk about a subject for an indefinite period of time. They’re a flexible format that gives you more freedom to promote your products/services or your website, and they help break up blocks of text and add some colour to your website.

Research from Nielsen [’] recently found that 64% of marketers expect video to be their main source of output for future marketing, with sites such as YouTube or Vimeo, the major platforms to use.

Social media interaction

The benefits of social media interaction are endless. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn reach hundreds of millions of users every day and continues to grow. Social Media Examiner recently found that 97% of marketers use social media for business purposes but 85% don’t know exactly what tools are best to use.

Social media helps bring your business and hundreds of millions of users together. Connecting your website to your business’ Facebook page, Twitter account and more, helps direct visitors to places online where you can interact with them. Think about those viral stories where a company has tweeted an individual back. That could be your social media account.

A Hubspot report recently found that spending as little as six hours per week on social media could increase traffic to your website, and 69% of those surveyed found it helped them build a loyal online support network.

White space

It may seem obvious, but a good website design is key to improving your business’ brand reputation. Rather than the cluttered webpages, serif fonts and bright colours which cluttered the early internet, most readers now want pages that are easy on the eyes, sparse and bold.

White space is a simple example. The blog CrazyEgg recently found that white space around text and titles increased user attention by 20%. This increased attention can be invaluable in spreading your message or brand online and making sure that visitors keep coming back to your site!


Consistency is key in making your website look appealing. Other than the obvious – ensuring the style and theme is following certain criteria, reliable access is a necessity. There’s nothing worse than clicking on a link to an article that piques your interest and finding either it’s painfully slow or you get a 404 error.

Keeping your website well maintained and fully operational is key. Not only should your website look consistent and professional but it should also be reliable. This means clearing away 404 errors, making sure links on one page link up to the right page on another, and avoiding dead ends, such as links to pages which don’t exist yet.

Making these simple changes can make your website look far more appealing, help boost your business’ reputation and keep your website visitors returning!

Date: 26.10.16

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