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Boost your brand awareness and create a loyal customer base

Boost your brand awareness and create a loyal customer base

Date: 18th October 2016 | By: admin

With so many different ways of communicating with your customers and clients in modern day business, it has becoming increasingly important to have a cohesive brand that stands out across all communication platforms. Websites and social media with inconsistent branding can confuse potential customers, or leave them questioning what your business is about.

A comprehensive brand identity can bring your business, your staff and your brand message together, providing a clear focus for your company’s ambitions, culture and services. This week we think about ways to bring your brand and business.

What is your brand?

It’s important to sit down and work out just what your brand identity is, and if you don’t have one, you’ll need to create one that marks your business out from the rest. A brand identity can include your fonts, style and logo. But it’s most important that it’s consistent. Your brand identity needs to be an extension of your firm. It should reflect the ethos you wish to present to your clients and make your values identifiable to them.

Take television idents as one example. When we turn on BBC1, we see hippos flying around in a circle with the same logo at the centre each time. The circle tells us that the channel is universal, meant for all and brings people together. The hippos tell us it’s playful, fun and entertaining and the logo gives us consistency and reliability. The brand ethos is clear and consistent. It tell us what the business wants us to know and provides an identifiable point of reference.

Is everyone involved?

Brands take time to implement fully. New and older staff can take time to get used to brand identities. To make a brand a success it’s vital your staff understand your brand and your business’ ethos. This can be as simple as providing a document on the cloud that outlines your brand strategy, your editorial style and the fonts to use in their given situations. Or it can involve more hands-on training through meetings to discuss branding and how to use it in everyday business.

Once your staff understands your brand and knows how to deploy it across multiple platforms from websites and social media to everyday administrative tasks, like answering the phone or responding to emails, your brand is conveyed to the public and becomes increasingly consistent.

Are you keeping your brand consistent?

As time goes by, it’s wise to update your brand regularly to keep it fresh and modern. But when you do so, it’s also necessary to update your staff to make sure they don’t fall behind. Emails identifying changes or updates to your branding are the best way to make sure your staff understand the changes and make updates, especially when communicating with the public. Simple measures like emails or regular meetings about your branding will help ensure your brand is kept consistent across all of your business’ media platforms.

Conduct research before you jump in and decide what your brand image would best represent your business. So before you commit to your brand and develop your strategy to promote a consistent message across all of your business’ communication platforms, it’s important you sit down and work out what your business ethos is and what you want your customers to know. Once you’ve done that, through surveys, or discussions with customers and staff, you can develop a full strategy for implementation.

By following this advice, you can create an identifiable brand that people will trust and recognise when communicating with your business.