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The only advertising your business needs (on a budget)

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The only advertising your business needs (on a budget)

The internet is full of articles, blogs and videos telling you what you should be doing with your website, and it can be difficult to see through the clutter. It can be tough to grapple with going online, especially if you’re a new business just getting started.

Along with design, social media, and content marketing, there is a word that many people are scared of when it comes to digital marketing: advertising.

Understandably, people are sceptical about advertising online. Unlike with newspapers or printed media, online advertising can seem like a different animal. Online advertising is less tangible, with a heavy dependence on analytics.

If you only choose one method of advertising online, retargeting is a secure and cost friendly option. Retargeting isn’t only limited to websites visited by your audience, as your ads can also appear on Facebook and Twitter through social retargeting.

While pay per click advertising can seem very daunting, this is a tool that allows you to target segments of the internet, and focus on your potential customers, instead of shooting blindly into the unknown.

Retargeting works in a very simple way, by monitoring the behaviour of your audience. Should a visitor not demonstrate conversion, your ads will then appear on websites that they frequent. It might sound like you’re following your audience around, but it’s not half as scary as it sounds. This allows you to focus on the bounce rate audience of your website, developing your brand awareness and recognition with those who were distracted from your services the first time around.

This means that you get to bring your audience back to you, increasing your chances of conversion. It also means that instead of placing ads anywhere, to anyone, that your advertising is far more precise. You’ll be reaching out to people who are already interested in you. Put simply, it is one of the most useful tools in re engaging previous visitors and developing brand awareness on a regular basis.

Conversions are the ultimate goal with your website, but many people shop around before making a final decision. The first visit to your website is most likely an exercise in window shopping, and retargeting is a subtle way of ensuring your products and services aren’t forgotten about. After all, there’s so much noise online, how can someone ensure that a first impression is good enough to encourage a return visit?

If you’re dipping your toes into online advertising, or are trying to increase conversion rates, retargeting might be the best way to recapture and retain your audience’s attention.

At Thomas Design, our creative digital marketing team offers the support, advice, and design service you need in order to implement a successful retargeting service. For price queries or advice on digital marketing, get in touch on 01792 825624!

Date: 11.08.16

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