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Promote your business at your next event

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Promote your business at your next event

So you’ve started spreading the word about your business, and everything is ticking over. The phones are ringing, you’ve always got mail, and you’ve started to get a quality social media following. You might be considering an event as a way to promote your business in a place with high footfall and plenty of opportunities, and you might be wondering how to enhance to experience.

You’ll know by now that you’ll need banners and stands to adorn your setting at an event, and you’ll have started thinking about this. While you’re thinking about your printed materials, why not invest in some personal touches for your customer?

Everyone knows that events are all about self promotion, but there’s a difference between doing it right and doing it for the sake of it. Events are a great way of getting face to face with your customer, and if you’re based primarily online, provides you with that unique opportunity to forge real, physical connections. Although online presence and marketing is dominating the way people run their businesses, nothing can replicate a genuine smile, or a strong handshake.

This is your chance to get your first impression done, in exactly the way you want it. This lets people get to know you, and to meet the face behind the name.

However, you don’t need to feel awkward handing out flyers at an event, and it doesn’t need to feel stiff or stale.

There are plenty of ways to inject a healthy bit of fun into your presence at an event. Whether this is with a competition, a photobooth or a great swag bag, you can give your customers something to talk about. Let’s be honest, everybody likes a business that gives something away. Why? Because it’s putting the person ahead of the buck, it’s thinking about what people want, and equally, what they need.

Printed promotional materials are memorable, tangible evidence of your presence at an event, and it’s worth investing in for the extra brand recognition. Everybody remembers goodie bags and free pens, and it helps cultivate that ever important brand awareness.

Whether you’re attending a business show, large scale networking event, or Freshers’ Fayre, your brand needs its own materials to promote its message, and improve its presence locally.

Here are some ideas:

  • Colour changing thermal mugs - People will usually take these to work once they’ve seen them in action, ensuring more people find out about you. Plus, who doesn’t love a mug?
  • Keychains and bottle openers
  • Tote bags, notebooks, and the ever trusty personalised pen - People always appreciate useful things.
  • Business cards - These are the one promotional tool that will never be obsolete, and it’s worth investing in a well designed, quality card.
  • Stress balls - These are usually essential for anyone sat at a desk, and fun!
  • Signage and banners
  • Service brochures or leaflets - An obvious choice, but these don’t need to be boring. A well designed leaflet or flyer can make all the difference to your marketing efforts.

For more advice on ways you can promote your business with print promotion, get in touch with us at Thomas Design on 01792 825624


Date: 20.07.16

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