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Promote your services on your website with this one thing

Promote your services on your website with this one thing

Date: 7th July 2016 | By: admin

Once you have your website in place and your social media rolling, you might hit a bit of a stagnant phase. What do you do next? How can you encourage regular visitors to keep coming back? Even with content marketing and news, it can be easy to find yourself bored with your company website.

While freshening up your online space is a good thing, you can revitalise your website without the cost and hassle of a redesign (especially if your website is relatively new). A temporary landing page might be exactly what you need to switch things up, while promoting a specific service or product. If you’re in the middle of developing a new marketing campaign, you’re likely thinking about this already.

A promotional landing page is an ideal tool for pointing both new and regular visitors in a new direction, by showcasing latest offers or services. As with any promotion, you need to identify something in your offering that is relevant to the customers’ current needs.

As well as putting the customer first, you need to appear to be credible, authentic and useful. This means that your new landing page needs to be as well designed as the rest of your website. This will be the first thing your visitors see, and you want them to like it.

If you need inspiration, take a look at other companies both in and out of your industry, as this will encourage your creativity and kick start your visual concept of a landing page, here’s a great example of a landing page – Become a Driver

How to get the best out of your landing page

  • Always point your customer in a clear direction from your landing page. You want to avoid sending them to the homepage, as it defeats the purpose of having the landing page in place. By defining your most wanted action on the page, you’ll increase your chance of seeing a conversion spike.
  • Don’t give too many options. Often, simplicity is key. If you look at the landing pages of social media such as Pinterest, you’ll see a simple design with an option to log in or sign up, with an image of what the user can expect to see when they come back.
  • Remove any clutter, this means excluding any extra navigational bars or tools. A designer will be able to advise you on how to create the most exciting, high converting landing page, and can help you keep things simple and responsive. A good landing page will always result in good ROI, so it’s important to get it right by avoiding any distractions.
  • Remember your call to action. You’ll be enticing your visitors into doing something, whether this is looking at a special offer or subscribing to your blog or newsletter, so discuss creative options with your designer.
  • Don’t be afraid to use humour, or creative advertising, but keep headlines audience orientated, meaning the visitor can see what’s in it for them.
  • Remember to keep all other copy clear, direct and punchy. Use high quality visuals or animations to keep things interesting, and create a lasting impression. Write your copy with your customer in mind, and identify the type of person you are targeting.
  • As with all web and marketing efforts, your landing page should be consistent with your branding and enforce brand awareness. While it’s a good thing to be creative and aesthetically pleasing, remember to fit your brand into the visuals somehow, and keep your copy in tone with your company voice.

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