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Discover your local print design company in Swansea

Discover your local print design company in Swansea

Date: 15th June 2016 | By: admin

In recent years, many businesses have put print on the backburner. While many of us have become distracted by the web and digital tools to help us grow our businesses, there is still a huge need for printed materials. As more businesses withdraw from traditional marketing methods, print now gives you a unique selling point that digital marketing doesn’t provide.

Print is an investment in your consumer, but an investment which demonstrates their value to your company. Consumers are beginning to prefer something more tangible, just look at the recent resurrection of instant photography. People want something they can hold in their hands.

Where do you start? The first thing you need to do is find a company that you trust to handle your brand with care, precision and creativity. Most of us search online for the right person for the job, but did you know you can find exactly what you need locally?

In case you haven’t heard, we are now a fully integrated web and design company. Along with our standard offering of web design, digital marketing and graphic design, we now offer a comprehensive print design service from our Swansea office.

Print has become such a core component to the marketing mix, and is integral in breaking down communication barriers with consumers, and driving brand identification and awareness.

Most of the infamous brands we know today still use the power of print to enhance the power of their brand. Despite the surge of the Internet, there is still a huge value in printed marketing.

Consider Starbucks, as it makes headlines each time it changes the logo on its cup. The most recent cup rebrand provoked huge response a few years ago, and their “Red Cup” Christmas promotion is widely shared on social media year by year.

Additionally, it also increases your potential reach as you will reach audiences who don’t spend a large amount of time online, such as older customers who are more likely to act based on print advertising, banners or leaflets.

As well as implementing standard print strategies, there are also the more personal touches such as stationary and wall graphics. Printed materials are an ideal way to inject personality into your brand, as well as enhancing your corporate reputation. An organisation that takes its branding seriously is committed to widening the understanding between the business and audience.

We take your branding seriously, and we want to help you develop your brand and grow your business. If you need more information on what printed services we offer, get in touch with us today!