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Five tips to make you a better social media marketer

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Five tips to make you a better social media marketer

In theory, social media seems pretty straightforward. After all, ‘social’ is in the name and it seems pretty self-explanatory. However, there’s a lot more to a Tweet than meets the eye. We all wish it was as easy as managing our personal accounts, but with professional social media, image is everything. Every word counts, and every follower matters.

Whether you’ve just signed up for your first social media platform, or whether you’ve taken an unintentional leave of absence from your accounts, you may find yourself looking for some advice on how to use your socials the right way.

1. Choose wisely

It can be easy to assume that to create a consistent and valuable online presence that you need to be visible on all social media platforms. The biggest problem with this is that it will take up far more time than you have on your hands, so the first thing to do is identify where your potential clients, suppliers and acquaintances start their social conversations. For some it’s Facebook, while for those looking to network with chief executives, LinkedIn is the most valuable asset.

Stick to one or two main platforms, and then gradually expand into other networks. For example, if you have a coffee shop or bakery, then Instagram could be your best friend. However, if you’re a small media or web company, Twitter will be the one to start with.

2. Content is great, conversation is better

Everybody is doing their bit of content marketing, using blogs and newsletters to develop a returning audience. Content is great, it makes you useful and it gives you something to say, especially if you’re curating content other than your own. It makes you a helpful resource.

Remember to stick to the 80/20 rule of self-promotion, and avoid only tweeting links of your own blogs or news. If someone makes an effort to talk to you, try to look at their own timeline and like or retweet some of their social content. It will pay off.

3. People are visual, so attract their eyesight

Social media has changed the way we consume visual media such as images and videos. Using high quality visual content such as photography, clips of thoughtful advice and a GIF or two will make your audience pay attention, instead of scrolling past something they assume will be a generic sales pitch.

4. Avoid vanity metrics

It’s not all about going viral, and a thousand likes isn’t necessarily going to make your phone ring off the hook. Many people find themselves disappointed in their social media strategy because they expect that “viral effect”, and ultimately, put too much pressure on themselves. Try to focus less on likes and retweets, and more on the long term engagement of your audience. You’ll enjoy it a lot more without the added expectations of internet fame.

5. Be patient

Don’t rush your way to the top of the social totem pole, and don’t waste time looking for shortcuts. Social media takes a great deal of time and effort in order to build trusting and long term relationships with your audience, and like any relationship, great things don’t happen overnight.

Be consistent, be useful and be human, and let your audience get to know the people behind the brand. Above everything, remember that old saying – Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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Date: 08.06.16

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