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Print isn’t dead, and it’s going to help your business

Print isn’t dead, and it’s going to help your business

Date: 17th May 2016 | By: admin

Newspapers and print media might have been on the decline for a while, and with the internet dominating industries across the board, from media to food and beverage, it can be easy to assume that print marketing is a thing of the past.

Initially, online marketing sounded like the perfect antidote to expensive marketing budgets and wasted printed materials. Yet, it has become such a saturated marketplace that more businesses are going back to basics, while implementing online marketing strategies simultaneously.

Things that were once old are now new again, with more marketers turning to old school pen and paper to do the job. It’s not lost on businesses that people like something they can hold, touch and read without tapping on a glass screen. As well as being beneficial to online marketing efforts, printed communication also allows you to touch base with demographics and audiences who aren’t online.

Printed must haves

Nothing has been able to replace the ultimate networking tool, the business card. It is still considered to be a mark of professionalism to be armed with a business card at all times. Worse than no business card, is paying for a cheap business card that doesn’t reflect the standard of your business.

Stationary – Well designed, corporate letterheads are an essential tool in communicating with clients, suppliers and potential leads.

Flyers and leaflets – Email marketing campaigns are becoming old hat. Consumers are used to getting promotional emails now, and a print flyer on their doorstop is actually pretty effective.

For example, Dominos send out texts and emails with promotional deals- both of which are pretty alluring to carb lovers. Yet, it also invests in print menus and vouchers which are distributed to local customers. Tesco does the same with its Clubcard vouchers.

Banners – A must have for any trade show stand or event, make sure you have the appropriate banners and posters ready for display.

Print gives you a new focus on design

Without a backup plan of a video or animation, your design needs to grasp the human eye. This forces you to take your business back to basics and concentrate on design. This new found realignment of priorities means you might notice some disjointed efforts in your branding or marketing materials, and will help evolve your brand as you continue to revisit new print campaigns.

The one thing you’ll always come back to is the argument that “Everything is online”, and this is true. Online marketing, a well-designed website and regular content are all instrumental in creating online influence and engagement. However, so is print marketing.

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