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Decluttering your website

Decluttering your website

Date: 21st April 2016 | By: admin

By now, most of us have done our Spring cleaning and are getting ready for the warmer season ahead. You’ve probably given your home or office a refresh and a polish, but might have forgotten about your website. It’s easy to get comfortable with your website once it’s up and running, but just because you have a decent or well-designed website doesn’t mean it won’t go stale, or that it doesn’t need a little bit of TLC.

Trends and technology are two things that are constantly changing, and business websites tend to get neglected once the initial design and set up are over.

Here at Thomas Design, we’ve put together a basic list of things to remember when checking your website design and content.

Check your calls to action
Make sure that you give visible direction to your visitors with what you want them to do, whether it’s subscribe to email newsletters or read your latest blog.

Colour schemes 
A revamp in colour schemes usually works well with e-commerce sites and blogs, to align with seasonal changes and trends. For summer, think bright fonts against white backgrounds.

Check your visuals
Make sure you’re using high quality, brand appropriate images. Also, don’t forget to use quality photos for your blog content, as visual content enjoys a spike in readership. Speaking of blogs, take a good look of what is performing and what isn’t. A regular content analysis will help you manage an effective content strategy, and will prevent your blog becoming clogged with irrelevant or stale posts.

Check your socials
Have you rebranded or altered social media? Are your usernames consistent with your business, or have they changed in order to do so? Make sure you keep all social media contact links updated, along with your company address and contact number. Cluttering your website with old information is likely to create a bad impression, and is unlikely to generate return visits. Double check that you have no broken links, and that everything is working as it should.

Add testimonials
If your website is still young, but you’ve had some great feedback, make sure to include it online. Word of mouth is your best marketing, and a credible testimony will attribute to that./

Refresh your SEO strategy by doing some homework. You can conduct simple research by using popular search terms for your business on Google. Act like your customer, and look for yourself. If your Google ranking is lower than you would like, then you know to realign your SEO efforts. A well-managed content strategy will improve your ranking, as Google rewards fresh content. Make sure to include sources and links to similar blogs or articles on well trusted websites.

If you’re not sure where to start, or need some help giving your website a quick touch up, get in touch!