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Essentials every business website needs

Essentials every business website needs

Date: 11th March 2016 | By: admin

If you’re a newcomer into the online storefront, it can be difficult to keep up with everything going on online. Online trends and jargon changes are always changing and it can be hard to keep with the vernacular.

If you’ve just taken your business online, or about to, these are the things you shouldn’t forget.


This is one thing that can be so easily forgotten about, but you need a secure website. Security is not just about keeping yourself safe and reputable, but your customers. If you intend on collecting sensitive data such as names, addresses and even bank details, then you need a secure system in place.


As well as creating a bang on first impression, you want to increase the chances of return visitors. The way to do that is to give your audience something to come back for. This means regular, freshly curated content created solely for them, aimed to inform, educate and occasionally entertain them. Create resources, and share them. Remember that you’re creating for human beings, not robots.

One way of doing this is to create blogs or vlogs, and creating e-books or newsletters.


Your branding should be cohesive and well visualised online. Don’t forget that social media is part of your brand, and should be fully integrated on your website in order for users to connect with you.

Additionally, your ‘about us’ information should be brief. Internet users are known for scanning, and you should make it clear what you do and how you do things differently. Without clear pointer as to why you’re the best in your field, users will go somewhere where they can find the information they need, like a competitor.


Search Engine Optimisation is still a huge area of neglect on a lot of websites, and a clear SEO understanding and strategy can take time to implement. However, SEO can be vital in increasing traffic and improving your Google ranking, and is well worth the time put into it.


It can be easy to assume that you can just take images from the internet and use them on your website. Unfortunately, this can open a can of worms and result in fines and copyright claims. Your website will need carefully chosen, high resolution images to complement its design, and a designer can assist you with this.

A mobile optimised website

Most internet users are now using smartphones or tablets to browse the internet, and if your website is still loading a desktop version on their iPhone, chances are that they’ll bounce straight back to Google. A mobile friendly version of your website is crucial, so make sure you have one available.


As well as social media links, a contact page should be made clearly visible. Include a map with the company address and any useful email addresses. The last thing you want is for your customers to have to hunt you down in order to contact you. Leave the investigating to Sherlock Holmes.

The biggest mistake a business can make when taking their services online is to rush a website in order to get any kind of online presence. Take the time to create a website that is user friendly, easily navigated, visual and memorable. The internet is full of badly built website with little branding and no clear message, don’t let your business be one of them.

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