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The problem with DIY websites

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The problem with DIY websites

We all know that first impressions are vital in business. We know to shake hands, smile politely and present ourselves with articulation. The same goes for your website - it is incredibly important in supporting the goals of your business. Your website is a digital hello from you to your client, and should prompt them to look around.

With the advancements of apps, editing software, and easily accessible platforms like Wordpress, it can be tempting to skip a few steps and create your own website, especially when your business is still in its growing years.

Whatever size your business or budget requirements, it’s always advised to seek out help when building a website to showcase your services and enhance your reputation. Your competitors will be indulging in beautifully designed and responsive websites, and as a result your business must invest in its online efforts in order to stand out from the competition.

A well designed website is more than text, colour scheme, and stamping a logo on top. Although hiring a designer may seem like an added expense, it pays off. Whilst it’s true that CMS platforms can be customised and rank well within Google, it can still go very wrong without the right tools.

What can go wrong with a website design?

If something goes wrong on the technical sides of things such as broken links and page errors, you’ll have to fix it. Some malfunctions can’t be answered with a Google search, and you’ll find yourself trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat to try and fix a tricky problem. Functionality problems are just some of the issues you will encounter by choosing the cheaper option of a DIY website.

A DIY website might just “do the job” for now, but as your business grows you will find that a neater, streamlined and faster website design is necessary, utilising the web design services of a Swansea company such as ourselves can help you to compete with rivals. You may come up against branding issues, and technical limitations.

Some issues can escalate quickly, such as copyright issues if you take any images off Google. There’s a hefty fine if your website uses images without permission, and will also damage any credibility your website has.

One forgotten area of DIY websites is security, yet it’s one of the most important systems to get in place. The best way to get a secure and data protected system in place is to get help in doing it. The last thing you want to do is leak sensitive information into the wrong hands, and small businesses are often victims of security breaches. We all know the dangers of hacking and cyber-crime, and the risk is too detrimental for your business.

Going pro and hiring a designer

A designer can build a bespoke website and ensure that it’s fully optimised for mobile and tablet use. They can also help you identify key online trends, so that you boast a website that stands the test of time with a design that belongs to your company. Using free website builders is like renting a property, you can move your things into it but you can’t change its framework.

They will also navigate you through the process of creating a unique and long lasting user experience, whilst providing advice on why sound effects are a bad idea, image resolution, or why SEO is so integral to your online reputation and marketing efforts.

We all love to take shortcuts, and we all love a simple solution to a complex problem. Unfortunately, the simple solution of DIY websites can become an intricate complication very quickly. In order to generate leads and ultimately, revenue, your business needs a well designed and built website. However tempting it may be to cut corners, investing in design is one thing you need to consider.

For more information on web design, please get in touch with us at Thomas Design.

Date: 03.03.16

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