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Avoid the pitfalls of rebranding

Avoid the pitfalls of rebranding

Date: 24th February 2016 | By: admin

We often think of a brand as a name and logo. We often think of it in simple terms, and forget the power it represents. Good branding means awareness, and awareness means people talking. Every marketer worth their salt knows that word of mouth means everything.

Thomas Design recently rebranded Ferrier Hart Thomas Chartered Building Surveyors and developed their new website



Your business may have gone from start up to medium size, or you may have started your business within the last 12-18 months and realised your brand is no longer fitting for what your business has become.

It may be time to alter your mission and goals, and it may be time to take these changes to the next level. Unfortunately, a rebranding mission can easily fail if not implemented correctly. Here at Thomas Design we’ve put together some tips on avoiding the common mistakes of rebranding.

Get help

The biggest key to rebranding success is this: Don’t try a DIY rebrand. There are so many forces that come into play with a rebrand that it needs to be as thoughtful and consistent as possible. It also means that an outside perspective is crucial, a rebrand done in house can become blind to error and inconsistencies.

It’s tempting to try and get it done by your employees, and a rebrand should be a group effort. However, a total brand overhaul is so sophisticated that it’s advised to outsource help for any intensive efforts. Remember, a rebrand is more than just a logo.

Don’t forget your website

Rebranding is one thing, rebranding your website is another. Altering your company’s mission and encapsulating your ethos is challenge enough, without even considering the online counterpart. With every great rebrand, comes a great website. A unified strategy must be present across all platforms, both digital and otherwise. Consistency is everything. While you rebrand, consider rebuilding your website to be more responsive, stylized and content driven.

Social media

Your social media efforts also need to be strategized to coincide with your rebrand. Ensure social media guidelines are put into place and that focus is on engagement. You also need to ensure that all social media is fully integrated in your website.


Your brand should be who you are. To make your customers believe it, you have to believe it too. Strive to be the most authentic version of your brand, simply buffed around the edges. Make sure you can capture your brand in every aspect of business, otherwise customers will be poking holes in your branding.

Rebranding for the right reasons

Don’t rebrand for the sake of a trend, or for keeping up with a competitor (although those should come into play). Rebranding should be part of a larger conversation with your customers, and should be vital to a bigger picture. A rebrand will become an integral part of your company’s story, and it’s important to get it right the first time. Don’t rush into it.

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