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Data is changing Web Design

Data is changing Web Design

Date: 18th February 2016 | By: admin

dataA huge discussion among designers right now is big data and how to use it. Can it replace original moments of design and creative conception? The answer is debatable, but the truth is that big data and data alike can aid in moments of invention, and can help tailor the user experience.

Big data is a discussion on it’s own, and is a collection of data from both digital and traditional sources outside of your company which exists as a source for discovery and business analysis. Big data refers to not only huge amounts of data but the technology needed for it and is also known as business intelligence.

Let us focus on the basics for now, which is how data is influencing the architects of web design.

Web designers are working with businesses to produce smart and creative ways to use data, and are making mental notes that this data can also be used for future work can campaigns. In short, designers are utilising data as a new creative tool used to determine what is best for users and consumers.

Data allows businesses to learn and adapt the ever changing attitude and behaviour of the consumer, and in turn, create unique online experiences which transforms the relationship between user and brand.

Data provide trustworthy information on:

  • When and if your site needs a redesign
  • Your well performing and underperforming pages
  • User engagement with content and design
  • How users are spending their time online
  • Where your business generates leads

It sounds scary, but there’s no need for alarm. Data driven marketing is all about giving the user what they want from the Internet and can result in higher engagement rates.

Every business needs some simple understanding of data, as the growth of big data continues to dominate online marketing strategies, and unlocks potential in a number of industries.

An example of this is the Fitbit dashboard on its website. Fitbit is a great example of how businesses are using data to generate leads and awareness. Fitbit uses a clean and simple design in a card style format in order to keep things simple for the user, while providing a customised and functional experience.

Can your business use its data to its advantage and implement it in its web design and online presence? Can your business use its data in new ways to generate leads? The answer is yes, and it’s well worth considering.

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