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Web design trends: Video content

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Web design trends: Video content


Businesses have caught on to social trends and are quickly adapting their strategies for online audiences. We are now using the Internet as a medium to create meaningful content that demonstrates core messages, as well as sell key products and services.

How to use video

With visual media dominating social shares and web content, more businesses are choosing to incorporate video and integrate it with other content on their websites.

Video content is a great way of highlighting your own products and services in a compelling and creative way. Ways to use video include tutorials, company trailers, press clips, about us videos and blogs. Video content is also being used for promotional landing pages for many businesses.

Tip: If you are the decision maker regarding your company website, you may need to consider jumping straight into the video vault and seeing if you have any old footage that you can combine with newer, high quality footage to create authentic content that can tell your story. A picture tells a thousand words, but moving pictures say it all.

Who’s using it?

Web design is also seeing a rise in video backgrounds for niche and E-commerce sites, and it is no longer restricted for websites that serve as creative portfolios or blogs. Video content is a living representation of a brand and its ethos, and has been popular on landing pages and social media platforms.

Video is primarily important in websites that prioritize user experience and aim to create a memorable digital journey. Not only is it a long term creative product that is able to attract new visitors, but it allows you to be both engaging and entertaining in a way in which your competitors may not.

It’s a bonus that updating your website with any content, including video, will result in increased traffic. Search engines love fresh content, so a content strategy becomes key. Equally, a custom “About us” or “Get to know us” video will reflect your company’s personality, as well as promoting the brand as digitally aware and on the pulse.

In a nutshell, video is becoming more popular due to its engagement. It can encapsulate your company’s vision and in an instant, and create a momentous first impression that brings clients back to your website.

For more information on using trends in web design, contact us at Thomas Design.

Date: 12.02.16

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