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Web design trends: The importance of images

Web design trends: The importance of images

Date: 3rd February 2016 | By: admin

It goes without saying that your website should be visually pleasing, but more businesses are now putting an increased effort into producing aesthetically pleasing websites that boast high quality and targeted photography, and are using images across social media to strengthen their brand.

The reason why images are important is fairly simple as more than half of us are visual learners, and decode images far more easily than text. Images also break up large bodies of text and content, capturing the user’s attention for a longer period of time- and making them more likely to explore other content.

An interesting take on this is to use images that evoke emotion and carry your company ethos. For example, if you’re a problem solving and service based company, images should reflect that ideology. Remember, a picture says a thousand words.

One thing we have to advise is to avoid over using stock images, as images should be compelling and unique- and relevant to your business. Another thing to avoid is photos taken on smart phones and tablets, as high resolution should also be high priority.

Images promote a response from web users, as 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook are visual. A huge trend in web design over the last 12 months has been using supersized images anchored by minimal text so web sites created by Swansea web designers such as ourselves use powerful website optimised images that reflect your brand instantly, and although these images are still dominating professional websites, moving images and video are also growing in popularity.

Thanks to visual social media such as Pinterest and Instagram, image based trends are dominating web design right now. This is especially true with trends like interactive/hover images and grid galleries doing their part to become a staple of design.

The use of images can be creative, innovative and crucial to your brand. Something as simple as a photograph can make or break an attention span.

For more information on images and web design and how they can help grow your brand, contact Thomas Design.