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The 6 biggest myths of social media strategy

The 6 biggest myths of social media strategy

Date: 28th January 2016 | By: admin

Online marketing is a complicated animal and there is a lot to consider before diving into it. It is constantly developing, and although the scope is far greater, there’s so much noise online.
This means it can be difficult to get your message out effectively.

Here at Thomas Design, we’ve put together some of the biggest social media myths that you need to be aware of.

Social media is the key to new leads

Social media drives interest, awareness and visibility. Although social media can generate new leads, this is a time consuming effort and needs to be built steadily over time.

You need to be active across all social media platforms

It’s a common mistake to assume that your business needs to have a presence across all social media, and although it may seem like it will create a consistent reputation, it may not be necessary.

Social media is free

Although social media is cost effective and instantaneous, most businesses simply don’t have the time or resources to spend hours on Twitter.

The use of social media is free but time isn’t. You may not have the time to dedicate yourself to a comprehensive social media strategy and may wish to employ someone for the job. You may also consider paid for advertising on Twitter and Facebook.

Social media means controlling your feedback

Most companies try to control their feedback by whatever means necessary, such as ignoring or deleting posts. Social media provides you with a platform to manage praise and criticism effectively, rather than pretend it never happened.

You can say whatever you want

Remember to stay relevant with news and conversation and know your industry. One of the best ways to harvest a natural relationship with your clients is to cultivate relevant conversation and remain active online. You cannot say anything and everything.

You don’t need a blog

Sure, everyone has one. But do you need one too? The short answer is yes. Regular content ensures you give your audience something to come back for and establishes you as an expert voice in your field. Regularly updated content also provides you with material for scheduled social media updates, giving you something to say even on a quiet day.

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