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Web security isn’t an afterthought

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Web security isn’t an afterthought

2015 was a year of some of the most memorable and significant cyber breaches, with business giants like TalkTalk falling victim to the rise of digital crime.

Hackers are becoming more sophisticated, and are always one step ahead of the game. Unfortunately, you can’t always keep up. You can however, ensure that measures are put into place that protects your business and its employees. Although you may be a small enterprise in comparison to a larger corporation, you are still at risk of a cyber-attack. In fact, hackers may hone in on businesses’ contentment that they are small and safe, and take advantage of your position.It’s easy to assume that if you are a small business, that you are at less of a risk than some bigger corporations, however, if you are the decision maker of your business then security is one thing not to be put on the backburner. Once the initial attack exposes a weak spot, it’s not long before a second wave of attackers will attempt to slip through the cracks.

Educate your business

Email is known to be one of the biggest weaknesses of online security, as they are not secure enough to carry sensitive information, and many people are unaware of this risk.

Inform your employees about phishing scams and suspicious messages, and create a guideline entailing how company email should be used and what information they should avoid sending via email.

This will be vital in increasing employees’ security awareness and education on cyber-crime, and hopefully eliminate possible threats via email. This decreases your chances of hacking due to human error, and although it cannot be avoided entirely, it definitely helps increase security measures.

Hackers are known for malicious intentions, and imitate other corporations, high ranked employees and CEO’s in order to gain access to financial information or sensitive data.

Businesses everywhere are starting to recognise the very real risk of cyber-crime and the threat it poses to sensitive data. Ever changing world of the internet, it can be tough to keep up with the internet’s adversaries, however, there is help out there.

If there is one promise you make to yourself and your online ventures this year, it’s to remain consistent with security.

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Date: 13.01.16

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