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Rebrand it: Why you should overhaul your brand in 2016

Rebrand it: Why you should overhaul your brand in 2016

Date: 17th December 2015 | By: admin


During the last twelve months, you will probably have noticed some changes in how you conduct business, and the results you achieve. But what happens when you aren’t reaching your target audience as effectively as you hoped?

As the New Year approaches and you clink your champagne flutes to another year of business, you may start to wonder where to go next.

One solution to this is a company rebrand.

It is possible that you haven’t rebranded your company since it’s birth, or that your last rebrand was a few years ago.

An important factor of your rebrand is your web focus. How can you change your company’s visibility and online success rate? And how can you attract and generate leads?

Why rebrand?

A rebrand allows you to monitor the technical aspect of your online efforts, such as SEO and content marketing, and can revitalise both of these tools. A rebrand will also allow room for your business to grow, unlike a dated brand which will restrict your room for development.

Humans are essentially very visual beings, and your eyes are drawn to clear, vibrant and attractive imagery. A new and carefully crafted rebrand will ensure that your business in particular remains memorable for prospects, and impress current clients.

If you decide to rebrand for 2016, your company will demonstrate it’s forward thinking behaviour, and will outshine it’s competition through the use of current design and web trends.

Occasionally, similar businesses may also maintain a similar web presence. A rebrand ensures that your business will stand firm among a sea of big fish, and will help you streamline your company identity.

A rebrand may also reflect significant changes in company mission, ethics or philosophy, and it may be the ideal way to encapsulate your key message and ideology to your target audience. No one likes to be misunderstood, and a strong brand will aid in your efforts to be understood as an expert in your industry. Your strategy may have altered since your last rebrand, and this is another important consideration in your rebrand efforts.

Rebranding as a project

Rebranding is a costly and time consuming endeavour, and will need to be coherent across all aspects of your business, but your online presence is one of the most important to concentrate on.

You will need to allocate a fair amount of time to crafting new content and updating company blogs, press releases and mission statements.

Users are utilizing the internet in new ways, and ways to use digital technology are in a constant state of growth, so be sure to seek expert advice before going through a brand overhaul.

Remember that allow both your company and consumer crave a new sense of change, that you must maintain a core familiarity within your rebrand. A rebrand is essentially a very sensitive project, and we recommend seeking outside advance, and taking the appropriate time needed to overhaul your brand.

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