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Retargeting your way to success

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Retargeting your way to success


One common problem with the internet and its users is the amount of traffic that bounces from one web page to another. People jump in and out of websites, and the journey isn’t as streamlined as we imagine when we begin our online endeavours.

Digital marketing is a complex and diverse project, and with the ever-changing nature of the internet, it can be difficult to decipher which tools to use.

What is retargeting and how does it work?

Retargeting campaigns can work in two ways, either through pixel based or list based retargeting. Pixel based retargeting ensures that your content gets displayed to any anonymous web user even after they’ve left your website, by using a cookie that displays specific ads based on pages that they previously visited on your site. Pixel based retargeting reaps it’s benefits, as it is based on behaviour, user patterns and is more specific depending on how users have used your content or website.

You don’t have to worry about the cookie affecting the user experience either, as it won’t affect your site’s performance. It works by using a unobtrusive piece of coding which will alert the retargeting provider of when to serve ads to the user. It works well as it targets users who are already familiar with your website and brand, and simply draws their attention back to it. This is why many see a higher ROI through this use of digital marketing, as it targets users who have already shown interest in their brand or services.

The best retargeting campaigns display offers or a clear and concise call to action, and works in conjunction with other marketing strategies.

Retargeting is a powerful digital marketing technique, and does provide results. However, to get these benefits, it has to be used and understood properly. Without proper implementation and a comprehensive understanding, it is unlikely to give you the results you expect. This is why we advise seeking expert advice on how to use retargeting correctly.

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Date: 09.12.15

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