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What to expect in 2016

What to expect in 2016

Date: 26th November 2015 | By: admin

So 2015 has very much been the year of the website. Google has clamped down on rankings, and websites have had to become mobile friendly and more interactive to stave on the competition, but what does 2016 hold? Here, we will look at new trends that might appear, and throw in some of our own predictions for the digital sphere.There is always a twinge of satisfaction when you type a word into a search engine and up pops your company name, but how often does this happen to you, and are you ever left wondering why you are on the third page of a search engine, instead of sitting proudly on page one?

What to expect

More unique content

Since 2015 has seen websites having to conform to certain standards, there is a battle on the horizon for websites to create more unique and engaging content. This could come in the form of more personal and interesting content on the website such as funny photos of staff, or making the company seem more approachable and personable, but companies will be coming up with more whacky ways to get traffic to the site.


Graphics are fast becoming a great way to draw in an audience. No longer do people want to scroll through reams of text, but they will engage and interact with images, so businesses need to be creating more visual websites where possible. Try to use ‘real’ images instead of stock images of people as readers relate to real people.

Individual content

This is completely different to content itself. Individual content is things like blogs, infographics, and videos. Businesses are already using all of these to help establish and grow, but in 2016 there is going to be a big shift to individual content because it makes things more interesting.