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Q Care Ltd Testimonial

Q Care Ltd Testimonial

Date: 25th November 2015 | By: admin


Many thanks to Chris and Q Care Ltd for this recent feedback!

Our work with Damian Thomas and his team at Thomas Design recently has been aimed to improve our conversion rate on application forms from candidates applying through our online

applications system, also designed by Damian and his team. We were thrilled when Damian and his team, working in collaboration with our team at Q Care Ltd., delivered the project resulting in an increase of 22% in our application form conversion rate to 55%. When you consider we receive approx. 500 applications a month it is a significant improvement that was beyond our expectations in terms of result, cost savings in relation to additional advertising and the speed with which we accomplished our goal.

What we appreciated most about working with Damian and his team is their ability to speak about highly technical aspects in a simple way that is easily understandable, their dedication completing a project to the standards we require and then delivering the expected results.

Chris Gregory – Marketing Manager, Q Care Ltd.