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Five reasons to overhaul your website in 2016

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Five reasons to overhaul your website in 2016

As the end of 2015 approaches, the winter months transpire into a time of reflection for many (if not all) businesses.  A business has many things to consider, such as where it’s been, and where it can go from here. We must examine its development over the course of the year, celebrate its triumphs and face any disappointments. Naturally, the end of the year becomes a time to evaluate ourselves and our businesses. It’s understandable to become fixated on the possibility of change as Christmas approaches, and we advise to concentrate on key ideas. These should include expansion, growth, and improvement.

One of the most crucial aspects of your business is its web presence and social influence. As we head further into a digitally dominated marketplace, we must monitor our digital footprint and adapt to the changing times of the internet. The New Year may be a fantastic time to introduce an overhaul to your existing online presence.

Although you may think your corner of the internet is perfectly satisfactory, we advise you to consider new changes in order to keep up with the internet. We all want to improve on ourselves in the New Year. We want to trim the fat, cut the split ends and dust away the cobwebs. Why not do the same for the most beneficial asset to your company?

  • Evolution

The most important thing to consider is your growth, and where you see your business heading in 2016. During all stages of your business, a powerful and controlled web presence will be essential to achieving success. As the internet and digital technology continues to change, so will your online efforts.

  • Branding

Over the course of the last twelve months, your branding may have altered significantly, and your online presence must boast a coherent understanding of your branding in order to establish an understanding of your company and ethos between you and your audience. Human beings are extremely visual creatures, and aesthetically pleasing images and content will also draw the human eye, and become more enticing for the audience to share among friends and colleagues.

  • Strategy

Over the next year, you may be tempted to shake up your online strategies, possibly by developing a new content strategy in order to maintain the interest of clients and establish regular web visitors. This may include a company blog, and your website must be able to showcase your new content such as blog posts, images, lists and infographics in an attractive and easily accessible way.

  • Usability and functionality

As more users turn to smart phones and mobile devices to access and use the internet, it is vital to ensure that your web design is mobile friendly and this ensures that Google ranks your website correctly, as it rewards websites that are responsive and developed for mobile use. You must ensure a streamlined web experience across all platforms in order to maintain the power of your brand and web presence.

  • SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques, tips, and rules are in a constant state of change. What works for you now may not work in the future, so we advise you to examine your SEO efforts and website accordingly. SEO is your key to the Google machine, and you need to ensure it is dominating force of your website.

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Date: 19.11.15

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