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The Only Reason You Need To Protect Your Website

The Only Reason You Need To Protect Your Website

Date: 22nd October 2015 | By: admin

Why? Because time is money

You wouldn’t let your car go without insurance, or your home. You would even protect your computer, so why not protect what’s on it? It’s easy to forget that websites and applications can sometimes encounter their own problems, and are often extremely expensive to repair. Repairing such problems are often time consuming and stressful, and the time in which your website is down can lead to losses in interest and direct your audience elsewhere. If your website encounters a crisis, we can help you get back up and running.

Extended Software Warranty: More bang for your buck

With any software we create at Thomas Design, such as websites, web applications and e-commerce platforms, we provide a Bronze package free of charge. The Bronze package’s main benefit is that it is free of a monthly charge. However, should you choose to upgrade to one of our more premium packages, you will avoid any minimum charges, and also benefit from a lower hourly rate during repairs or essential maintenance. While the Bronze package is our usual standard rate, the Silver and Gold packages are much lower, providing you with essential savings. Our extended warranty packages are ultimately the most affordable way to protect your most valuable asset and your key to the internet consumer.

Whatever your needs, Thomas Design Extended Warranty can provide you with three levels of cover, each specifically designed to protect and serve the needs of your software, whilst tailoring your individual needs.

Don’t hesitate in protecting your software, and call us directly on 01792 825624