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Optimise Local Search – Improve Your Click-Through

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Optimise Local Search – Improve Your Click-Through

Recent changes to local search are giving businesses with tech savvy ‘the edge’ in terms of their search rankings whilst those with unoptimised Google+ pages and website's are slowly falling behind. The recent changes to the Google My Business search results are testament to that, instead of the top seven showing it’s now the top three, and those top three are usually there for a reason (if the business is in a competitive industry).

Why Optimise Local Search

The value of local search is out in the open now, with more relevance placed on maps and mobile functionality, being able to phone businesses directly from the Google My Business results is a massive plus for businesses now, so why miss out?

Not only now do you have the task of getting to the first place or first page of the search engine results, you now have the task of getting to the top (or at least the top three) of the Google My Business map results. These give you a completely different value to being top of the organic results, not only do Maps quite frequently show above the organic search results, they are also much more prominent and when combined with having a large amount of high scoring reviews, look rather appealing to a potential customer. It turns your business from a faceless entity to a real, relatable business in potentially the same area as your customers.


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Rankings and Statistics

Some of the ranking statistics speak for themselves, being ranked #1 in organic search gets an average click through rate of 36.4% compared to the #2 ranking achieving a click through rate of only 12.5%. These percentages then drop sub 10% from 3rd position onwards, a 20% drop in click through which in theory means a drop in traffic, for just two positions.

For a website on the 2nd page, your website is likely to only be getting a 1.3 or lower click through percentage, which leaves a lot to be desired. If you’re in a competitive industry, ranking locally is going to be vital for your business online as you will be able to get a good amount of traffic from a competitive market locally instead of having to compete with the bigger competition nationally or internationally.

If you’re interested in having your local search or Google My Business search optimised, get in touch and we’ll be able to help you out.

Date: 24.09.15

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